How to Become Supernatural – Dr Joe Dispenza

Employee Motivation – The 8 Basics

To motivate your employees, it is vital that you start off with understanding that there are some things that need to be fixed first, before you can get on with the above the line actions which develop a strong and engaged culture…

Selective Perspective

I smiled. How drastically my perceptions had altered and shifted. Sleep comes easily that night after a day of outdoor adventure, bonding, and rediscovery. How important is it to understand your perspective? You decide.

Are You the “Motivator”

In discussing motivation with business owners and managers, their first thoughts are of money and bonuses. As for employees, motivation goes beyond financial rewards. For employees, motivation is when their leader brings out the best in them and gets them to achieve even more.

To Boost Your Brain, Move That Body!

If you feel as if you’re not performing at your peak mentally, the culprit might be that you don’t get enough exercise!

Mountain-Moving Momentum

It can be challenging to think about going to the next level. Especially when you’re completely overwhelmed by the thought of taking the next step.

How to Use the Power of Words to Your Benefit

Someone I know maintains that “motivational words are great coming from philosophers, but that’s because they’re not in the real world.” The power of words can be an incredible aid to helping us remain motivated and focused.

How to Use the Power of Words to Your Benefit – Part II

A friend of mine read the article, How to Use the Power of Words to Your Benefit, and dryly made the comment, “So what?” At first it didn’t concern me, but a few days later I began thinking about his comment. I had obviously not made the point clear, and therefore I decided to expand on this concept.

Did You Have A Tough Childhood?

Many claim intense childhood trauma “damages” a person in their adult years.

5 Keys to Maintaining Personal Change

Making and maintaining positive personal change requires more than good intentions. This article discusses five key concepts involved in making and maintaining positive changes and experiencing positive growth for the future.

Universal Alignment

When the Universe is aligned, all things are possible. Kismet, Karma, Synchronicity and Serendipity work together in unison to provide for us when we sometimes least expect it. Often it is there, but we are too blind to see. Blinded by stress, our jobs, our finances or our illnesses, we often miss what is right there in front of us.

How Do You Build Momentum in Your Business and Life?

Are Your Results Suffering Due to a Lack of Momentum? A few weeks ago, I attended a leadership conference where Donald Trump spoke about the ingredients for success. I found his topic on momentum very intriguing. It got me thinking.

Get Off Your Butt and Create Your Financial Future…Now!

Most people have no idea where their money goes. They earn it and they spend it. That’s fine if you want to live from week to week and are not concerned about your financial future. However if you wa…

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