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Get Off Your Lazy Butt and Take Some Initiative

One of my pet peeves is listening to people complain about something, then do NOTHING about it. Take for example a recent incident at work. About a month ago we had a mini heatwave in the Seattle area with temperatures in the low 90s for a couple of days. It was miserably HOT for us Seattleites and, needless to say, the office got a little stuffy. A co-worker from another department called the air-conditioning guy to come out, the temperature was lowered and everyone was…

A Musician Working the Dreaded Day Job

This article shows how, as a musician, you may have to work a day job to pay your bills while you pursue your dream. It then makes the case that it doesn’t have to discourage you to the point of giving up on your dreams.

Five Famous Life Quotes to Motivate You

Motivation is necessary to drive you forward towards your goals. It can be defined as internal condition that energizes you and gives you an inner strength to achieve what you want in life. There are plenty of ways that can give you instant boost in your motivation to accomplish things.

Stay Focused – 3 Solutions to Keeping Your Motivation Level High

Do you ever find your motivation waning as you are working on a project? Do you have trouble getting excited about a project when you are about half way through it? If you would like to conquer this problem of lack of motivation read on and learn the solutions to staying motivated.

Consistency is the Key to Achieving Success – 5 Steps to Being Consistent

If you struggle with working at your business in a consistent manner you are losing the opportunities and rewards of success. Do you need motivation to be consistent in your efforts so you, too, can enjoy the rewards of being successful? Allow these 5 reasons for becoming consistent to change your mindset and change your results from unproductive to reaching your reward.

The Secret to Dealing With Change

The secret to dealing with change is profound. Are you ready? Accept that change is constant and work with it. The proof is all around you. Use yourself as a prime example. You keep changing. For instance, you are older, you have more experience under your belt, and you’ve probably noticed differences in your environment.

Motivation – A Driving Force

Are you frozen in time? Stuck? Like to hide under a rock thinking about your hidden desires? Do you have a passion, a dream you’d like to realize? Ever wish you had a watermelon?

The Power of Positive Affirmations

A little trick I discovered to help my exercising is to say my positive affirmations while running. Learn how reciting positive affirmations can help you manifest who and where you want to be!

Unemployment is the Golden Opportunity to Change Your Life

Unemployment is not something that anyone really wants to go through. At times it may feel that you may never work again because you just can’t seem to find the right job. It may even come to the point where you may feel like you’ll never work again because of all the “bad luck” you’ve been having. Even though unemployment may feel like…

The Price Tag on Sanity

“I have to pay for my sanity,” says Jason, a homeless Detroiter, as he recaps his struggles to get out of homelessness. His story strikes me as very telling of his motivation to get off the streets. He didn’t need to say much to convince me of his determination to get off the street. There are many others like him, and their stories just may shatter your view of homeless people. Here is the story of one. (The subject of this article’s name has been changed for the sake of privacy.)

I Just Need Someone to Listen

The world can be a beautiful place and it can also be a place of great defeat. On day 1 of our lives, we are given a fresh start to capture the essence and beauty of what life could be. This instant boost for survival is what gives all of us the will to try and try again when things don’t always go as planned.

You Only Have One Life to Live

People live life, much of it complaining about things. People have all different kinds of problems to deal with. They forget to understand that they should make the best of what they have, and grow from it. Everybody can better their life. Everybody has two choices that they can make with what they choose to do with their life. The first choice is…

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