How to Cope With Lyme Disease (Symptoms & Strategies to Tackle the Illness)

Don’t Give Up When Things Seem Bleak

You are excited over your new goal. It may be to lose weight, to bring in extra revenue or perhaps to quit your job to pursue your passion. You started out fine and stayed on course for the first few weeks. Then, you begin to feel that you are not making further progress. You feel lousy and start to have doubts.

The Secret to Success – Take Action Now Not Later

There are many people who want to succeed, they work hard in their jobs and hope to excel above their ranks. After years of hard work, they look back and say I’m working so hard, I have all these ideas, but I’m still nowhere.

In Life There is No Do Over

I’ve heard people say they’ve lived their lives with no regrets. I can’t imagine. How can you go through your whole life without doing things you wish you hadn’t done and not doing things that you wish you did?

This Job Should Have Been Mine

How many times did you think to yourself: “I can really do this job”, if I can just get a chance. Many times we feel an entitlement to a certain position or job. If we are not given the chance, we feel as miserable as if we have been disinherited. How could this have happened? Something smells fishy.

Self Help Motivation – One Powerful Message to Love Yourself and Your Life More

Do you need self help motivation to love yourself and your life more? Here is one powerful message you can use. It has helped me live with more happiness and success in life.

The Just Do it Day!

This article is about the law of attraction and the importance of being proactive. Many people write and speak about the law of attraction, but there is no attraction without action! Nothing is attracted by some kind of magic without entering into action.

If Others Can Do It, Why Can’t You?

I could not remember exactly when, but a powerful thought came to me when I was in lower primary. Prior to that year, I came in 8th in class. There were slightly less than 40 of us, so it was not bad really, I thought. Then, out of nowhere, there was this small voice that came whispering to me, “If others can be in the top 3, why can’t you?”

You Can’t Get Out of Bed? No Motivation

Do you find yourself suffering from no motivation? You can’t get out of bed in the morning and just don’t seem to find a real reason to? This is a problem that many people have. Their life seems to be going no where and they have nothing that sparks that creative urge.

Motivating Your Brain

Knowledge is important, but it doesn’t work for motivating people into action. If it did, then all smokers would quit once they looked at a few medical articles and x-rays. So then, what does work so that a person is compelled to take action and fix a problem?

Why Had I Not Noticed These Things While I Was in a Well Lit Room?

I feel the man in Tulsa that night provided a bridge to opportunity but it was my responsibility to cross over. Opportunity waits for no one.

How to Turn Your Life Around

If your having problems with your life, regarding your job, family or relationships then its time to turn your life around. There are many things we want to do in life but we seem to get lost along the way.

Are You Swimming in the Lake of Burning Desire Or Splashing in the Puddles of a Miserable Life?

Is your life full of burning desire? Is your life like splashing in puddles. You choose which it is.

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