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Vijay Eswaran – Man of the Millennium

There are a few people who do extraordinary things as if there was nothing out of the ordinary and mundane in them. And Vijay Eswaran is one of them.

Change Me – How Do I Do It?

Changing me requires more than just information. Considering the amount of information available in the public domain on how to change, the results fall far short of the theory. A vital component is missing! Willingness is the key and this article explains exactly how this is acquired.

Success Follows Joseph Bismark

In the year 2008, Joseph Bismark was selected as the Group Managing Director or GMD of the world famous QI Group of Companies and he very soon became the face of the organization that was founded around ten years before his appointment and has been responsible for many changes that dramatically improved the company’s image in the eyes of its consumers and business partners. Many people call him a gifted GMD as he is not only a visionary leader but also a dynamic team player who is known to live by the words “anyone can do extraordinary things by utilizing the potential within them.”

5 Ways Spiritual Overload Syndrome Sabotages Your Productivity

It’s a busy, busy, busy world out there. So many people I know, friends and clients alike, are feeling truly overwhelmed these days. The internet and our various battalion of electronic gadgets most of us use nowadays can bring an entire world of data, information and ideas to your fingertips within minutes.

The Best Way To Pass A Message

Every talk, regardless of whether the speaker realizes it or not has one of four major goals. They are: To make something clear, To impress, To get action and To entertain.

You Are on Course – 10 Power Quotes on Finishing Well

We were subjected to gruelling steeple chase as we entered into high school during the first term. They would design a course that would take you round the school blocks, the sporting fields and outside the school gates. The course included a water jump, where you had to jump over a hurdle into the water and continue running the last stretch. It was at this point that you called upon all your energy reserves and sprinted all the way to the end. What was most crucial was to stay on course and finish well. I would aim for a top ten finish in the school and a top five finish in the house I represented.

Turning Up the Motivation From the Inside Out – Motivation Comes From Within

Finding the right motivation can be challenging at times. Armed with some key methods to help keep the momentum going, you will quickly find yourself back on track. Start with a deep breath, and focus on the positive motivation you can find within yourself. Reevaluate your plan, call on a friend for advice, pray for guidance and strength, go for a walk, reflect on past successes. Before you know it, you’ll be working with the motivation and enthusiasm you had at the beginning of your task.

Staying Motivated – 5 Things Successful People Already Know

It can be difficult staying motivated when the excitement of a new project is replaced by the drudgery of its execution. Continuing to preserver when your goal appears out of reach and the project is no longer new is an ability successful people have mastered.

Why Getting Uncomfortable Will Mean The Difference Between Living And Being Alive

It was like I had a lion inside clawing to get out. So much knowledge and potential yet I continued to stay at my job. I had paid for schooling, became awesome at what I did, yet didn’t do it.

Where Does Your Motivation Come From?

I’m going to make a guess that out of all the people that set a goal, only a small percentage of people actually achieve their goal. No, I don’t have any hard evidence. This comes from my work with people over the past 30+ years or so.

Your Best Is Yet To Come – 3 Keys to Determining and Enjoying Your Future!

Your potential is unlimited. And the thoughts, ideas, and plans that you focus upon from this day forward will ultimately shape and direct your future.

Kill Bad Fear, Not Good

If you have read Mr. Robert Kiyosaki’s book, he mentioned about a person having good debts and bad debts. Good debts are able to make you rich and bad debts are able to make you poor. Likewise for fear, bad ones give you more failures while good ones can help you succeed.

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