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Motivation – Don’t Give Up! You May Be the Carrier of Another Person’s Dream

Feeling like throwing in the towel, hanging up on your vision? I encourage you to hold on a little while longer. You may be the carrier of another person’s dream.

Using Your Attitude For Internet Marketing Success

Most people think that to be successful in internet marketing (or indeed anything) you need to have a large degree of skill, expertise or years of experience. While this certainly helps, actually whether you’re successful or not is 80% down to your attitude and only 20% aptitude.

Changing Today

Are you stuck? Would you like to change today? Make it happen!

Anthony Robbins 5 Keys to Success That Can Help You Achieve All Your Dreams

Unless you have been living under a rock, you obviously know who Anthony Robbins is. Recently I watched a very interesting video of him that can help anyone in difficult times; the title of the video is “5 Keys to Success”. In this article I analyze the 5 keys he highlighted that can help just about anyone to succeed, regardless of their present situation in life.

Finding What Motivates You

It might seem obvious to most that finding what motivates you is a simple process, but what is sometimes obvious and right in front of you, can at the same time be also oblivious and well hidden. Have you ever gone into the kitchen in your own home, opened a cupboard to look for something and even though you put it there, you cannot see it for looking. In the same way, most people have hidden talents, that are just waiting to be unearthed, but unfortunately for some, this may never happen.

What Keeps You Up At Night?

There is something that keeps you up at night and whatever it is, you need to pay attention to it. Discover what you should do to act on your middle of the night adventures.

How Motivation Works

There are all kinds of ways to motivate all kinds of people and how motivation works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. We all have individual wants and needs and the passion we have for our interests, usually leads to the motivation needed to make them a success. The level of motivation created for anything pursued depends solely on how much passion and purpose a person puts into what they really believe in.

Gandhi and Change – You and Success

Your soul is your key to harnessing the spirit and power within you but first you must desire to harness it. Then when that decision is made you must ask God and divine intelligence to bless you with the resources necessary so you may access that power within. God wants all of us to be successful in all facets of life and when we prove our loyalty to him we are rewarded.

Winners Focus on Their Abilities, But Losers Focus on Their Limitations

The fact that Ben no longer had eyes was a fact and a limitation that no one could dispute. Like Ben all of us, the great and the small, also have some limitations. Some people are physically handicapped, yet some are physically sound but financially handicapped. Some people are wealthy, and yet they are intellectually feeble. Some are spiritual giants and intellectual powerhouses, but emotionally vulnerable.

How to Get Your Kids Motivated

It is a major issue with every parent of knowing how to get their kids motivated and more importantly, how to keep that motivation going. The old values seemed to have disappeared and there is less and less commitment to outdoor and physical activity. There seems to be more and more computer handheld games coming onto the market and with it comes a real lack of motivation to pursue activities that are going to encourage any future growth.

I Wish I Were Born at 40

Real life begins at 40. That is when we allow ourselves to really start living. As a fitness specialist speaking here, don’t wait until you are 40. You are worthy of the time investment well before that. Make sure in each and every day, when your are divvying up those precious moments of each and every day, you get your fair share.

A Lesson on Physics and Motivation

There was probably a time in your life when you had a seemingly impossible dream. Perhaps you wanted to travel the whole world. Or maybe you dreamt of climbing the Mt. Everest. You were so passionate then, telling everyone of this dream. Maybe you even did some training in anticipation of the dream becoming a reality.

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