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Goals and Resolutions – Motivation to Succeed Using a New Way to Achieve a New You

It is a New Year, here is a New Way, to achieve a New You. Using the 10 steps described in this article you will significantly increase your resolution success rate. Step 1 Identify the compelling reason you want to achieve your goal by using the power of the 5 whys and Step 9 Enlist support of a coach or a buddy to keep you accountable are 2 of the powerful steps. Read the article and learn how to make it different this time around.

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We all know what it’s like when things just don’t seem to go our way. There’s tension, confusion and frustration or boredom, exhaustion and depression. So much of our lives seem stuck in that mode- but, oh boy, when the opposite is true; when something is so right that it just seems to “click.” What an amazing difference! All seems right with the world.

Already There – Just Didn’t Realise

One of the problems with some Personal Development students is that they are so pre-occupied with creating their amazing future that they don’t really appreciate, or let themselves enjoy, their pretty-darn-good ‘right now.’ Considering that we live in the present and never in the future, it’s a good idea to be able to enjoy the here and now (while still having goals and dreams for the future).

How Will You Make a Difference in 2007?

How many lifetimes does the average person have? If you are normal, you already know the answer.

Making Changes in the New Year: 11 Ways to Prevent Positive Change

Did you know that there are some clear steps to take to not change? Read on to discover these steps and what to do instead.

5 Ways To Get Into Action, Stay in Action, and Get Results

Most professionals, managers, and salespeople begin a new project or initiative in earnest, with lots of positive energy. Then reality sets in and the routine-ness of the project starts to slow them down. It suddenly feels harder to attain. What happened? Here are some ways to help ensure you stay on track and not lose your momentum.

Causality in the Matrix II: Reloaded

A deeper look at the metaphysical topic of Causality and its reference in the Matrix II. Understanding this phenomenon of cause and effect will help you have much more power and knowledge in your life instead of remaining ignorant to the forces that are repressing you. This is an important key to power itself.

The Resolution Revolution

Success is always less about motivation and more about some very un-sexy things like planning, self-control, discipline, organisation, time-management, decision making and mental toughness. Not sexy, not glamorous, but effective.

Boost Your Self-Confidence in 5 Days

You may believe you have, or could develop, the knowledge and skills to accomplish your goal. But how strong is your confidence in your ability to stay the course when the going gets tedious or distasteful? Do you give in too easily to the temptation of ease or momentary pleasures? Imagine knowing, from your own experience, that you could count on yourself 100% to maintain your commitment to a goal no matter what.

You Know You Can Do It So What Is Stopping You? The Confidence Factor!

It is not unusual for clients to ask me a question about information technology that I know I do not have the answer for immediately. My personality is such, however, that I respond by saying that I can find it. This means digging in and supporting an application or setup when I have no idea what to do – that doesn’t stop me, I get the information I need and get the work done.

Overcome Perfectionism with Power: How to Feel Confident in Doing Your Best

Perfectionism is a trap. Since God did not make us perfect, we put unnecessary stress on ourselves. Discover how to break from this trap and claim the freedom that you deserve.

19. The Importance Of Exchanging Energy

In contrast to nature we humans constantly tinker in each other’s energy field and in this way we try to influence or manipulate others. Have you ever seen a rosy tree or a treelike rose?

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