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Motivation – Why is it So Hard to Keep Promises to Yourself?

Most people will probably admit to certain times in their working lives when they lack the motivation to do honest hard work. If this relates to you, ask yourself honestly whether you’re the type who has constantly cut corners, doing the minimum amount of work necessary for a certain project, and making excuses for handing-in papers late.

Beating Procrastination – Three Deadly Goal Setting Mistakes That Will Guarantee Failure

Getting things done is often easier said than done. We write out our goals for plans, projects, ideas and things we want to accomplish and what happens next? Procrastination sets in. Why? There are three deadly mistake that you need to avoid at all costs when you write out your goals. To find out what they are and how to avoid them read on.

Motivation – The Magic Ingredient to Transform Your Body

Why do some people have a great body and are fit and strong while others struggle with the way they look and can never seem to get it together to make the changes necessary to achieve success? These fit people make it all seem so easy to achieve and maintain their results – what exactly is the secret, what do they have that you don’t? Well, it all boils down to one simple thing that stands between you and your perfect body is: your own motivation.

A Miracle Called Life

Life to me just like any average person was just another day of mundane activities, just another timetable to be fulfilled. Days passed in my life just as every other day, waking, working, eating sleeping. So engrossed was I with my routine that it became my life, it enveloped my being and made me totally indifferent. Not that it was absolutely as gray as it seems, there was the occasional entertainment, a little reading, a little chit chat – all that makes up a normal usual life.

Is Fear Stopping You From Going For the Gold?

Some people seem to focus on the media’s forecast of doom and gloom geared at making the public fearful and outraged. The problem with this is that it’s very difficult for us to move toward what we want in our lives if we refuse to let go of what doesn’t work because we’re afraid and have too little faith. Edmund Burke put it this way, “No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”

Beating Procrastination – Three Success Sucking Mistakes That People Make When Writing Out Goals

Never ending struggles with procrastination seem to stagnant the success of so many people. A great strategy is to write down your goals so that we give them a level of commitment. What we write down and how we write down those goals makes a huge difference in the level of success we have. Are you making any of these three success sucking mistakes when you write out your goals?

Beating Procrastination – 3 Mind Mapping Mistakes That Can Deprive You of Your Self Satisfaction

Procrastination is a daily struggle for many of us. Mind mapping is an excellent strategy to help break down your goals into manageable tasks. But, mind mapping can also create FEAR in the procrastinator that will result in action that never reach completion. Are your mind mapping mistakes actually hurting your success instead of helping it?

What is Procrastination and How You Can Stop It

What exactly is procrastination and what does it do? There are a lot of people that suffer from procrastination. Some people suffer from it mildly while others suffer from it severely.

Beating Procrastination – How Using a White Board Can Help You Create Your Game Plan For Success

Writing down your goals has been a long time favorite way to motivate people to develop a commitment to whatever the goal, plan, task or action is that you want to complete. This is a great idea however, where you write down your plan and how you write it is often where this advice falls short.

10 Workplace Motivation Commandments That All Leaders Must Follow

Unmotivated employees have rightly been called “the black holes of the business universe.” Fortunately, motivation is not something a person is born with or without. Applying these Ten Commandments can go a long way to helping existing employees find their motivation.

Beating Procrastination Once and For All – 7 No Fail Steps to Creating Your Game Plan For Success

Procrastination is nothing more than FEAR. FEAR is nothing more than False Expectations Appearing Real. Creating a game plan for success starts by beating FEAR and developing specific steps that you can do daily that will drive you to action that you can see through to completion.

3 Motivational Quotes That Will Help You Set Standards For a Well Lived Life

Having standards are essential for determining the quality of the life you intend to live. Motivational quotes can help you identify these standards and create the energy you want to be central in your life.

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