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Tactics Show You Can Turn This Around: Dealing With Perceived Failure or Disappointment

Disappointment is what happens when I have an expectation. I go into this and most things with no expectation. With all the things I wheel and deal and all the calls and interest I get from so many different factions it is like pasta. Every so often something sticks. I do my best work and be my best self and show up. What is meant to be in my life will be. This creates a feeling of success and of looking up and forward at all times.

Psalm 85 – When Hope Wins Over Despair

This Psalm is enclosed within the communal setting; the community, perhaps in the exilic sense, sits in the in-between place, recalling the grace of God in having saved their ancestors (verses 1-3), but not having yet realised such deliverance themselves (verses 7-9). Choosing faith opens our minds to what God can do. Nothing is impossible for God.

Why You Can’t Act Like Ferris Bueller With Your Business!

In the movie, Ferris Bueller takes a day off from school because he doesn’t want to go. He has a test that he is not prepared for, and he just doesn’t feel up to school today. There are times in our businesses where we don’t feel up to making decisions that will move us forward. We have to push forward even when we don’t feel like it, if we want the success we talk about.

The King of Kings’ Endurance

The most inspirational act in the history of humankind was The Passion of Christ. This is a story not of defeat for one man, but of victory for all others. That he was crushed for our iniquities ensured we could be made whole. It is the definition of endurance; one for us to model ours on.

Do Not Worry About Your Business, Even In These Uncertain Times

How you can keep from worrying about your online home business in these turbulent times! It seems like everyone is worrying these days. Do Not Worry. Be Happy!

How to Be Truly “Living the Dream”

I think we’ve all had a moment in our life where one of our friends asked us how we were doing and we uttered these magical words: “Just living the dream.” But just whose dream are you living? Dreams are powerful tools that help define your life mission. The only question is, are you willing to find and live yours?

Getting Over Your “No’s”

In order to succeed, you have to be willing to move forward, even when you feel rejected. No is part of the process and you can’t succeed if you don’t learn how to deal with it. Get used to hearing no and then decide to move forward to your future.

Stay Motivated to Exercise Through Hypnosis

Started a new exercise program with excitement, commitment and with the best intentions? Only to find yourself struggling to motivate yourself to go to the gym? This is the case for many people, who within weeks of beginning an exercise regime find it a chore to go and workout.

4 Simple Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated

With the everyday advances in technology that we now see, more and more people are using this to their advantage and working from home. Whether they be self employed, or work for a company that now allows this, it is becoming a more frequent occurrence.

Baby Boomers – What Do You Value? (A List)

What are the values, ideals and traits of character that give baby boomers uniqueness? Here is a list of them. If you are a boomer or someone who loves a boomer and you want to know what makes a boomer tick, this one’s for you.

Let’s Break the Sound Barrier

Last week, I was in Connecticut at a workshop for business owners. I sat next to the wonderful Ms. Laine.

No I Don’t Want to Motivate You

A couple of years ago, I wrote a few articles from my own personal soapbox – and lately, I have been feeling like climbing back on it. Why? Because I’ve had a few conversations in the past couple of weeks with people who aren’t willing to challenge themselves to embrace their greatness and make a real change for themselves, their family and their community (even though they say they want to).

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