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Can You Turn “NOTHING” Into Something Worthwhile?

All the goods and services, which make our lives better every day, started out as simply a thought or an idea in someone’s imagination. Why do those products or services even exist in the first place? How did a simple thought, an idea, transform into something tangible. What separates those ideas and thoughts that enter our heads and then simply disappear, from those thoughts that are acted upon and turned into something tangible and of value?

How To Live Your Life

“Live your life!” – one advice you’ll never stop hearing from your friends and family. What is living your life stand for anyway?

4 Tips in Motivating Yourself During Your Difficult and Hard Days

We can’t deny that there are still single mothers who are still carrying a lot of stress, having so many insecurities and fears in facing their new life now as a single parent because they don’t have any idea what will be their future. I have said it because I have personally experienced this kind of situation, feelings and emotions before when I and my husband had decided to live separately. And I considered it as one of the most difficult moment that I have experienced in my entire life because on the time that my husband and I have…

Break a Weight Loss Plateau? How I Did It Against All Odds

Have you ever tried to break weight loss plateau that was just impossible to break? That was me, even though I used to be able to drop those excess pounds as soon as I stopped eating the Christmas crap. But here it was July, and those I was still pushing 150. Here’s my story…

Do You See What You Hear?

Don’t Measure Up – I was listening to a recording the other day that said if we compare ourselves to somebody else, then we’ll always be second best. Fascinating. So the simple point is that although we would endeavor to shoot for the stars and look for examples of success, we’ll always be let down if we measure against somebody else’s accomplishments because they are simply different from us. This is actually a fabulous and accurate way to consider our unique make up.

How to Attain Financial Success

Most people find it easy to make financial resolutions at the beginning of the year. However, it is easy to take resolutions at any time of the year and some of the most important tips include the following.

About Starting Again In Life

Life is never so secure and straightforward that anyone, however successful or well-balanced, can be absolutely certain that he or she will never have to go through some changes sometime in the future. Having married the right person or having settled into the perfect job, one cannot sit back luxuriously and think that everything is already permanent, and he or she will never have to start again.

Procrastination – Why We Do It and How to Stop

The following article explores the many reasons why people procrastinate and how they can learn to stop. Afterward, a list is provided presenting useful strategies which may motivate you to work past your procrastination. Good luck!

Energizing Your Life Through Positive Choices

There are five types of life energy: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial. How you direct your life energy helps determine how well you succeed in life. To change your life, you must change your beliefs in each of these areas, particularly the ones that are holding you back.Abundance does not come to us alone by positive or wishful thinking. It takes a lot of effort and it takes changing ourselves internally to embrace this mindset.

On Hunters and Farmers

The article examines the need for organisations to have personnel who are deemed hunters and those deemed farmers. Each of these “tribes” have different characteristics and need to be treated differently to get the best out of them.

You Are Not Useless

You are not an accident. Whatever you are going through is meant to showcase God’s glory through you. There is a purpose to be fulfilled. Don’t envy others because you ‘feel’ they are better than you. Tap into your inner strength, there is beauty in the rough. You’re not just a number in the world’s population, you are a destiny child with a mandate to execute on earth. Don’t allow anyone intimidate. There are ‘flowers that will grow’ because you water them. Take a cue from our heavenly Father; He uses the weak things of the earth to confound the mighty.

How Do You Do The Things You Don’t Want To, But You Know You Should?

If you want a suite of bullets that you can skim without any deep understanding, this is the wrong article for you. Deep understanding is the only way out of this one. This article gets into the details behind one’s lack of motivation and suggests a meaningful prescription “to do the things you know you should do, but don’t.” If you follow the suggestions, a more fulfilling life will follow.

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