How to Innovate Your Life and Stand Out From the Crowd | Martin Lindstrom on Impact Theory

How to Turn Failure Into Success

Failure doesn’t have to be the end of the road. It could be a fresh beginning.

When It Comes To Thinking Positive or Negative – We All Have Freedom of Choice

When it comes to thinking, we all have freedom of choice. We can think positive or we can think negative. The good news is, we are in control and have the power to change our habits of thinking. Read more.

Increasing Competitiveness Within Your Team

Sometime we practice a skill and sometimes we compete with the skill. What’s the difference? The first says that we’ll stay at this as long as you need while the second puts a sense of urgency on the performance. Because of that urgency, the importance of each attempt was magnified.

Success And Failure Are Nothing But Mindsets

The outcomes of failure = frustration, discouragement, negative emotions, loss of courage, lower self-esteem, uncertainty and a loss of optimism. More of these – certainly. And the outcomes of success = encouragement, feelings of control, happiness, well being, passion, faith, desire and risk taking. So what’s the real difference?

Make Space for Bigger and Better Things

5 easy steps to getting bigger and better things out of your life and fast. By making space and de-cluttering your space, thoughts, and letting go of relationships that are no longer serving you, the universe brings you bigger and better things to fill up that space.

2 Tips for Completing Your To-Do List

Creating a to-do list is a great way to make sure you complete all the tasks you’d like to complete in any given time. You can create these for personal use as well as business use.

Things You Must Do If You Want to Win the Battle of Life!

Have you been there? I mean at that point where it looks as if everyone and everything is militating against you? Sometimes, it looks like you can’t continue, you want to give it all up, give in and cower before those challenges. Not to worry, your faith… trust, confidence in who you truly are is being tried but you must remain unwavering and irrepressible at such times for it is a fight of faith you are involved in; it is a battle of survival. You should not be moved by the physical circumstances rather stand firm on the right pedestal. Take advantage of the Divine power that has been released on your behalf for such a time as this.

The Past Is Dead – Let It Go

Have you ever considered how many times your mind takes you into the past? Have you ever imagined how these moment by moment trips steal the joy, pleasure and success that awaits in your present? I have. And I can tell you with a great deal of humility and honesty that many of these treks into yesterday, last year or twenty years ago have caused the lack of inner peace more than any other activity I can remember.

Is Your Love Boat Sinking Your Motivation?

It is simple human nature to want to love and be loved. But when you are in a toxic relationship, you become blind to your realistic needs and desires of loving and being loved. A toxic relationship can easily destroy your self-esteem and your motivation to succeed in your life.

5 Reasons Why Your Team Hates You

Are you struggling with why your team doesn’t like you very much. And it’s hard reality for any manager to admit this because you might be unaware of how your own behaviour is impacting your team.

Tiger Woods Poised to Win Another Major

Tiger Woods is on the upswing. Getting inside the mindset of a world class athlete is an eye-opener. Following these 6 steps leads to breakthrough performance.

Procrastination Virus

Are you the type of person that likes to put their desires infront of your work, only to find that your priories are near your deadline? Well then, you my friend, are one of the millions of people in the world that are affected by the procrastination virus. Let me show you how to prevent this tragic epidemic. Here are the following tips and advice on how to cure this awful addiction.

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