How to Kick Ass and Achieve Your Full Potential | Sarah Robb O’Hagan on Impact Theory

Personal Development Skills: How To Use Self-Motivation Strategies

As hard as it is to get motivated, it is harder still to stay motivated. That’s why self-motivation strategies are an essential part of personal development skills. It’s when that excitement and passion we first felt starts to wane, and the hard work sets in, we need self-motivation strategies to strengthen our resolve.

NEVER GIVE UP – The Invaluable Lessons My Father Taught Me

This article explains how my father’s tenacity and “never give up” attitude has affected me in my own pursuits. Although I did not realise it when I was younger, this realisation has changed the way I perceive challenges and solutions.

Never Give Up – That’s Right, I Said Never Give Up

Sir Winston Churchill said, “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense”. What was the underlying reason for Churchill’s emphasis of sticking with it? The British Empire was being attacked by the Germans. Great Britain was not prepared to defend itself. Churchill knew he needed undivided support of the nation to defeat the Germans and defend the homeland. And so, one of his very inspiring speeches to the nation to inspire and instill resolve in his fellow citizens was born.

Leaving A Healthy Legacy

No matter what you do in life, you are leaving a legacy. It may be a legacy your proud of or it could be one your not so proud of. Isn’t it time we start thinking about leaving a legacy of health that can impact our families for generations? I think so.

Change Is Continuous

Early into the 21st century we find new buzzwords and phrases are surfacing. There is an abundance of speculation, using these words, as to what changes this new millennium will bring. Judgment day, doomsday, the second coming of Christ, the antichrist, false prophets, earth changes and upheavals are only a few of these prolific prophecies.

Are You Ignoring an Important Management Skill Called Delegation?

I am going to give you a powerful technique, which is often overlooked by many speakers and presenters. Since the reason is so obvious, therefore it is often overlooked. There is a logical reason upon which a good presentation is made.

How To Be Imperfectly Perfect

Research shows that perfectionism hampers success. Perfectionism sometimes causes depression, anxiety, or addiction. Trying to be perfect leads to missed opportunities because of being afraid to step out and be anything less than perfect.

Succeeding in the New Normal: The Battle Between The Status Quo And Change

Change is inevitable and constantly butting heads with the status quo. None of us is immune to its omnipresent force and without question have felt its effects in every area of our lives. Whether minor or life-altering, these changes take us away from an aspect of our lives that we were intimately familiar with to something brand new and unknown—a new normal.

All That You Wanted to Know About Spiritualism

Spiritualism is the art of rejoining the separated mind and body back to the cosmic spirit. Spiritually the cosmic spirit is everything, God and you as One. In body it is matter, subtle in mind and as core energy in soul. Scientifically, energy is said to be everything that there is in this Cosmos; it can neither be created nor destroyed, and is indivisible.

The Power of Your Dreams

I guess when you are young your first thought is that it’s possible. The older we become the less we believe in our potential. Don’t let go of your dream. Age is just a number.

How to Recharge Your Soul

It happens to everyone, including myself and it happened only this past week. A lack of energy and creativity suddenly got blocked resulting in having no desire to finish my “to get done” list.

Why Not Me?

So why is opportunity any different now then it was at the turn of the last century? Because we have better technologies? Information is at the end of our finger tips? Okay. So what will the future generation say about us as they look back? How hard we had it? How the heck did they accomplish what they did with such limited resources?

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