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Turn the Afterburners on Your Naysayers and Say See Ya!

Well, personally, I kind of like all those naysayers, wannabes and those that are silly enough to listen to them. It’s just amazing all those folks running around telling everyone else they cannot do something. If the naysayers would spend as much time strategically planning their own goals then maybe they might have accomplished something in their lives rather than wasting it telling you what you can and cannot do.

Awesome Quotes – Gather and Apply!

There are so many awesome quotes that give inspiration to our daily lives, and they can be found online for any reason you can possibly think of. If you’re looking for passages to inspire yourself or others, you’ll find lines from famous leadership quotes, thank you sayings from famous actors, poets and philosophers – everyone has something to say, or have left imprints in the form of passages that we can refer to as awesome quotes. You can find online right this minute, awesome quotes either famous or infamous by simply entering …

Are You a Frog Or a Scorpion?

Read this through several times and then consider the implications for you personally. It’s deeper than you first think. It could change your life by having a profound effect on your relationships, how others see you and how you see them.

How to Overcome Fear – 12 Ways to Overcome Fear of Failure

Knowing how to overcome fear is very important in life, as most of the fear problems arise due to the feeling of insecurity and uncertainty, resulting into frustrations. Although difficulties and worries occur in everybody’s life, all of them do not give bad experiences, like educating your children, managing daughters marriage and looking after your old parents.

What Do the First World War, the US Election and You Have in Common?

Do YOU have the COURAGE to CHANGE? What a week it has been with the momentous event which unfolded in America when millions of people decided that they wanted a change and had the courage of their convictions to do their bit to bring about that change. In this article I am going to explore the different faces of courage.

The Story of One Man’s Journey to Live His Dream

“Boo” was a high-school stand out in Memphis, Tennessee. He had a tremendous stroke and played the game with a fire and passion. His dream was to play at Mississippi State. During his senior year “Boo” completely blew out his knee. Teams that had been calling stopped. Coaches who had been watching “Boo’s” team play quit coming to the games.

How to Be Miserable – 101

Nix the golden rule. Ya know that lame proverbial saying – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – forget it. Being “nice” is for the weak. Besides, how will you ever get ahead if you’re so absorbed in how other people feel?

Is Freedom of Choice Really Free?

What is our self? Our inner being or me that perceives the world and deciphers our experience. Our self is continuous in time as a force that recognizes its own position. The self is manifest through natural observation which is our psychological makeup. Our perception of events are limited and determined through our life experiences.

How to Stay Motivated on the Job

All of us have experienced dull moments in our jobs. Work suddenly seems mundane and monotonous, and you don’t have the same enthusiasm to work as you did before. You may make too many mistakes and the boss is unhappy with you. Needless to say, this seriously hampers your productivity – and your performance.

Soul Mates and All That Jazz

Like love scenes on the Silver Screen, the ongoing search for one’s soul mate seems to be a matter of great importance. All around me, people go on and on about finding their soul mate and living happily ever after once (s)he is found. It makes me wonder why so many people believe this is the answer to their woes. It makes me wonder why so few seem to understand that their search for this soul mate is really second to their search for Self. Perhaps it is yet another fairy tale brought to us by Hollywood ‘visionaries’ who know how deeply so many long for such a love. A bit of meandering about soul mates may offer a new perspective on just how easy it is to feel good.

Put Your Best Face Out There

Every time you communicate with someone, interact with them, or display any behaviors in public, you are creating your own label. You are developing your own personal label. The awareness that you are constantly creating your personal image is an excellent tool for self improvement. Make sure you are putting your best self forward.

8 Quick Tricks to Get Your Motivational Juices Flowing

For those times when you just can’t get yourself motivated, you need to have different techniques to use. Sometimes the crazier, the better. Here are eight motivation tricks you can try!

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