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6 Ways to Find Your Life’s Passion

Napoleon Hill once wrote that the key to success is for you to “find out what you really love to do, and then find a way to make a good living doing it.” Okay. And how do we do this?

Take a Risk, Be Proactive

Most of us live in our comfort zone. We do the same things, day in and day out. We get a paycheck every month. Every month we pay our bills. We also end up having the same amount of money to spend each month. This life I call the safe Haven.

To Be Comfortable When We Have Positive Thinking

Thinking is a human’s natural instinct which is God’s blessing for them to separate them from others. It can be positive or negative thinking, or both kinds of thinking. However, most people have the propensity to be dominated by one kind of thinking due to their genetic personality.

The Never Ending Cycle of Your Day Job

How do we end the never ending cycle of our day job? I’ll tell you what… If you are a guy who gets up early in the morning to go to work, every single day, just to get scolded by your boss for the tiny mistake that you made that you know you did a hell of a lot of effort to accomplish… then life must’ve sucked.

How To Motivate Yourself And Make The Most Out Of Life Each Day

How can you stay motivated when the economy and your personal finances are in disarray? How can you stay motivated when there are so many reasons all around you to give up on life? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the word motivate is derived from the root word motive which is defined as a factor or circumstance that induces a person to act. I’m going to share with you the 8 keys that will help you to motivate yourself on a daily basis and stay motivated for the rest of your life.

Master the Virtue of Integrity

To position yourself as an Alpha leader, you need to master one virtue: INTEGRITY. By definition, integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. In any business, you need to build yourself as a person that others can be trusted.

How to Motivate People Based on Their Personality Type

Different personality types are motivated by different things. Most of the corporate world hasn’t figured this out!

Using Your Knowledge of Intrinsic Motivation to Reach the Highest Levels of Success & Make Money

Making money as a home-based-business owner requires a great deal of personal sacrifice and commitment. This is especially true for those who are, or wish to become successful. Just the other day, I sat down to watch a little television. No sooner than I sat down, my lap top was nowhere else but in my lap.

I Challenge the World!

Have you ever met someone that was a little depressed, and as you listened to their story, they kind of brought you down to their level, it’s almost as if they zapped your energy out. We all have had friends like this, and eventually sometimes we decide to stay away from them, we’d rather be with people who are more positive, and are optimists. However, if you are with someone who is upbeat, positive, and a super optimist, then that means most likely you might be bringing them down. Do you see the problem here?

You’ll Never Break Me – You Don’t Have the Guts

Have you ever watched professional sports? Have you ever watched the football playoffs in the NFL, World Cup soccer, or the NBA playoffs? You can feel the intensity of the athletes and players, they are there for one thing and that thing is to win.

How to Demolish Obstacles

Obstacles cower to us. Follow these steps to obliterate obstacles.

Where Does This Intensity Come From?

It seems in our society that some people are turned on, and some people are like robots and they are turned off. It’s as if there are a few people living out their life experience, and others who are living in a life of mediocrity, beat down by circumstance, and have just given up. Perhaps, it is their diet and the fact that they are overweight and no longer exercising, maybe they just don’t have any energy. Personally I don’t understand why this is but I know it to be the case because I study and people watch often enough.

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