How to MASTER YOUR PAIN To Achieve Your GOALS with Motivational Speaker William King Hollis

Moving From the Dark Side Into Doing the Right Thing: It Can Happen

We’ve all had things happen in our lives that we wish had not. Some are so bad they’re off the charts: Someone we care for deeply has died, or perhaps we’ve been hurt in a car wreck. Or we’ve been divorced. Other events, while they have consequences, aren’t nearly so bad: failing a class, getting a speeding ticket, being chewed out by the boss.

How To Stop Procrastinating – In 5 Easy Ways

Studies show 20% of people suffer from procrastination. It’s amazing how we consistently sabotage ourselves by putting things off for later or even tomorrow. Let’s turn our situation around today – so in the senior years of our life we wont be stuck with a lot of “what if I ” questions.

What Is The Secret Behind A Great Motivational Video?

When you look at motivational videos, it looks easy to put together. The truth is that making motivational videos requires some work, because these videos are made with the main intention of inspiring viewers.

How to Make a Motivational Video in 6 Easy Steps

Many people just love to watch motivational videos because it inspires them and helps them get through each day. If you make inspiration videos, you will be reaching out to a lot of people and inspiring them to be the best that they can be. Yes, videos made by regular people can really be used in order to motivate others.

5 Reasons to Watch Motivational Videos

Motivational videos are not like any other kind of videos where you just sit and watch the speaker talk and then simply nod your head in agreement. These videos are made in order to help people grow and equip them to successfully handle any situation that they may find themselves. Inspiration videos may offer advice on personal development, parenting tips, relationship tips, secrets to success and so on.

The Truth About Motivational Speakers

Why are motivational speakers important? It is no secret that every single person needs motivation, because it is the force that drives every successful venture. Youths who are uninspired almost always end up becoming troublemakers and a real nuisance to the society.

The Ten Commandments of Motivational Speakers

There are certain things that make motivational speakers standout. If you plan to be a motivational speaker in future, then here are 10 things you need to know.

10 Fascinating Facts About Motivational Speakers

Here are some fascinating facts about ten of the world’s top motivational speakers. 1. Peter Daniels is an Australian motivational speaker. In his early years, he was challenged with illiteracy. He came from a family of 3rd generation welfare recipients. He failed at every single grade in school and had to work as a bricklayer. He was in deep debt at the age of 26.

Little Videos With Big Results!

Motivational videos are made with the sole intention of inspiring viewers. Think about it, not all videos need to be Hollywood type before you can be inspired by them. There are loads of great motivational videos online. Thanks to the internet, people from all over the world can be inspired by inspiration videos uploaded on video sharing sites like YouTube.

The 10 Greatest Motivational Speakers Ever!

Zig Ziglar went into the motivational speaking business full time in 1970. He is a motivational speaker who includes pretty solid Christian values into his passionate motivational quotes. Until he became one of the world’s best motivational speakers, he was known by his birth name, Hilary Ziglar. Few people know that “Zig” is the nickname that many of his associates in motivation and speaking business called him before he decided to adopt the nickname.

Five Tips for Improving Your Energy Levels

Energy is the base element of the universe and everything, including the rock on the path is a throbbing, pulsing mass of energy. You are too. You have the potential to fly through life, as graceful as a butterfly!

Motivational Speakers – Are They Really Necessary?

Motivational speakers are very necessary because they encourage individuals who listen to them to change their lives positively. People who listen to inspirational speakers are motivated towards taking the right step in the right direction.

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