How To Move On, Let Go & Leave Your Past Behind You (Powerful Speech)

Why Was Life Not Meant to Be Easy?

Whether it’s the role of parent or student or business owner or mortgagee… not to mention a plethora of other roles… life is designed to break us; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically. But when we are broken we find it’s not the end – not by a long shot.

God Is In Control

Control, people must have control. Perfectionists must have control. Negative people get stressed when things don’t go the way they want or planned. Here’s the problem – even the things we can control – and these are very few when you think about it are often not really within our control. Yes you can control what you eat, buy, decide, do, feel but can you really control the ultimate outcomes of these actions or behaviors?

One Excuse After Another!

Excuses are mostly easy. Consider only the hard ones.

Transforming Your Unemployment Angst Into Empowerment

Do you find yourself among the millions of Americans who are unemployed? Are you home stewing in saddening self pity? Then read this article on some simple suggestions to rid yourself of the shackles of unemployment and propel yourself to creative and financial nirvana.

Two Types of Retirement

Thinking about retiring soon? Or some day? Regardless of your age I would like you to consider the two types of retirement and their impact on your life; physical retirement and mental retirement.

The Importance of a Corporate Keynote Session

It could be quite a task to sit through a 60 minute session of nonstop talking. Wouldn’t it be more fun and interactive to be involved in the whole experience? It is important to have a frequent session about teamwork and why it’s so important.

Do You Struggle With Commitment?

Do you waffle on the commitments you make? Maybe you make promises to yourself to clean your house or exercise regularly. You get started, but then in time, it fizzles out. This lack of commitment often stems from a self esteem issue.

Believe In Yourself, Forget Everyone Else

To achieve greater success, you must believe in yourself! You must let go of the opinions of others and find the greatness that lies within you.

5 Steps to Get Motivationally Refreshed, Refocused and Renewed

Wondering how you can stay motivated. I’ll show you 5 simple steps that you can follow on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated! They have worked for me, and they can work for you, you just need to commit yourself to them religiously.

Nothing Motivates Like a Deadline

There are many good theories around motivation. But regardless of the theory you subscribe to for yourself or your organization, there is one key to motivation. The one inarguable key to getting the job done. The deadline.

It’s Not Your Parent’s Retirement and It Never Will Be!

One of the biggest challenges facing those who step out of the traditional workplace is that of finding out “who am I now?” For the most part your work identity was dependent on your employer’s expectations and your community, which is made up of colleagues, vendors or customers.Your “post work identity” can be as fulfilling and rich as you want it to be, if you’re willing to do some work.

Set Deadlines to Increase Your Productivity

If you ever find yourself wishing you had more time or thinking you have too much to do then maybe now is the time to try a different approach – set your own deadlines, plan how to meet them and then get the tasks done. When you have no externally set deadlines, perhaps because you run your own business or you have home-based projects, or the deadlines are some distance into the future it can be difficult to motivate yourself to get started and make progress. Follow the simple steps in this article to increase your productivity.

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