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Secrets of Motivation

Everyone at one time or another struggles with lack of motivation. Time constraints, health issues, jobs, family, and finances all take their toll on our energy levels. So why is it that some people seem to have a never ending supply of energy, time, and happiness while others struggle to get by? How can we fix our problems?

6 Tips to Increase Your Energy Levels

I think it’s reasonable to say that most people find themselves in a position desiring to increase their energy levels. Tiredness and fatigue are very common complaints and being able to overcome these increases quality of life dramatically. So here are some ways in which you can certainly improve you levels of energy and enthusiasm.

How to Practice Being Perfect

A medical term that I never truly understood is “practicing medicine”. Doctors who goes to schools for 8 – 12 years plus, and when they leave, what do they end up doing?

The Power of Words

Different words have different energies. Some word inspire and motivate, others stifle. Some words are high powered, others are low key. However, every words have something in common, and that’s the ability to determine how we think and feel.

The Power of Massive Action

Anyone who has been exposed to Tony Robbins’ material has heard about Massive Action. Tony even gives us a perfect example of Massive Action. He tells us that when he decided to become a public speaker, he would give three speeches a day instead of three speeches a week like every other aspiring speakers did. And, in so doing, he became an excellent speaker in about a month instead of a year. That is what Massive Action is all about.

Discover Your Life Motivation – Ask Yourself, What’s Your Why?

When you can answer the question: What’s your life motivation. You will know why you’re here. You’ll have a clearer answer to your life’s purpose. You will experience a knowing that will render you momentarily speechless because it’s so amazingly comforting.

Motivational Quotes For 2009

A good motivator you can use to get through hard days is to put positive quotes in strategic places around the house. Keep them up in the bathroom or in the living room. Get extremely specific with your affirmations like – In one year I’ll make five hundred thousand dollars. Or, In two months I’ll get a Mercedes. Make affirmations a key part of your daily regimen and watch how your world changes. The best motivational quotes are ones that will keep you striving.

Success Beyond the Fear Habits

Learn how you can move beyond the fear habits that keep you from accomplishing your goals. Shift your attention away from what you are overcoming, toward who you are becoming! Change is possible.

Success Isn’t a Mystery in Any Economy

My first piece of advice on success today for anyone willing to listen is simply to turn off the news. Don’t listen to CNN. Turn off the Fox News network, NBC, CNBC and all the other networks that are sensationalizing everything that is happening in our economy on a minute to minute basis. I have made a conscious decision not to listen because a high percentage of what you see on television today is pure garbage designed simply to improve ratings. I refuse to listen to a constant diet of negativity. In fact, I refuse to even associate with negative people. I suggest that each and every one of us has an obligation to protect our attitude.

5 Key Elements Every Motivational Or Inspirational Speaker Must Do

Not only does the corporate world offer it’s traditions of inspiring employees to become more focused through inspirational and motivational speaking engagements, many keynote speakers are finding that they are also useful in inspiring our youth within our churches, parents, and schools. Speaking engagements are usually designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire but the focus now is not only within the high-rises of wall street but with high school students of all ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds motivating them to stay in school, stay out of trouble, or even when considering a career that they wish to aspire to.

Beating Procrastination – The 3 Deadly Mistakes Procrastinators Make When They Try to Go it Alone

You have your goal, your plan, your project or your passion that you are already to get started and you are NOT going to procrastinate this time. You tell yourself the same thing you have told yourself so many times before, “Action to Completion” today! You are a liar! Get an accountability partner today and you will see the beating procrastination is possible.

Develop a Motivated Mind – Flick Your Mindset to Positive

Have you ever felt tired, bored, disinterested, or unmotivated to move forward? If you’re anything like the majority of people on the planet, then the answer will be a resounding “Yes”. Sometimes you lose your zest for life, or wonder where your “mojo” has gone. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by work, or just plain fed up with the monotonous routine of everyday life.

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