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Words Of Motivation: What Is The Fear Of Poverty?

In 1937 Napoleon Hill wrote his classic book ‘Think And Grow Rich.’ In this book he listed the main fears he believed were suffered by man. Top of the list was the fear of poverty. As he wrote, “The fear of poverty is, without doubt, the most destructive of the six basic fears.” Discover more about the destructive fears of poverty and failure.

A Deep Sense

We all have a deep sense of awe or urgency to help someone at some point in our lives. We see or hear of something tragic happen and want to give of our time or money. We learn about someone in our work or school who is going through a hard time and we want to help.

Why Do Most People Fail As Entrepreneurs

Ever wondered why some of the most talented people in the world never live up to expectations and fail at every turn. Have you ever set goals, new years resolutions perhaps, but keep coming up shy of the mark? What about those times you promised to stop a bad habit or develop a skill or strength.

Develop Your Own Positive Driven Splinter

The power of the mind is tremendous. If trained properly, the mind can propel one to great success. Therefore it is imperative that we maximize our use and understanding of the mind.

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Lemonade!

Have you been noticing all the negative things going on in the world lately? That is one reason I don’t watch the news or read the newspapers. To be honest, lately our family has been experiencing negative ordeals, just like everyone else. I was starting to get down. Then, I made myself STOP!

What Do You Know About Motivation?

  We have been absolutely manipulated, yes even you, we have allowed other peoples motives to be the core of our own motivation. I even heard one entrepreneur recently say, “I am motivated by something inside me that pushes me to my goal for the sake of my goal. I am looking for good people who don’t know what motivates them, that I can motivate to accomplish my motivation.”

What To Do When Feeling Stagnant

It is definitely important to know what to do if you are feeling down and low. Feeling that way can be alarming. And of course, you want to be productive all the time. But feeling so low will not help. The most important thing is to be strong and aim for improvement to be effective.

I Am Going To Make You Think And I Am Going To Make You Move

Everything has a price, and to get everything we want, we must pay that price. Sure, I can be less honest and say, pure persistence without substantive action can be everything, but then I would be advocating gambling and irrational luck without any real effort. I am not.

While We Are Sleeping

Poverty and scarcity can happen while we are sleeping. Not only poverty for ourselves but for others. When we choose to sleep and rest, we are allowing poverty and scarcity to happen to others as well. Sleeping and resting is not just about laying or sitting down, it is about continuing in our own routines and doing nothing to help others.

The Squat And The Standing

We either live or we do not live, that is what I mean by “the squat or the standing” title of this article. We avoid it or we face it. Sure it is that simple in many ways. Because engagement of a situation is the most important thing that is done in any situation, the rest is usually “downhill” shall we say.

My Motivation

This about finding my motivation in life. Its about finding what I want to do with my life and how I want to live it.

Tips for Getting Yourself Off The Couch and Achieving Your Goals

Do you set goals, then have difficulty achieving them? Do you sit on the couch and want to get up and take action, but just can’t get started? This articles contains tips and strategies for getting off the couch and taking action to achieve your goal.

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