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Motivation Management Is the Key of Change

During my career, I have learned that motivation is the most important factor of change. I have seen people who have overcome their addictive behavior only with the high motivation.

Ten Tips on How to Build Self Confidence and Make a Success of Your Life

The essence of self confidence is that you trust yourself that you can achieve your goal. To build self confidence you have to believe in yourself. You do not think or worry about failure. In the event of failure, you do not get demoralized. Self confidence gives you the courage to accept failures as part of a learning curve which will eventually lead to success. Fear does not prevent you from doing the things you want to do.

Bringing the Dream to Life

Everyone has their unique perspective that they bring to the world. For these we’ve been born; to shed light over our world such that even in small ways we might make some impact and leave a legacy.

Moving Forward – 10 Things To Help You Recover From a Setback

Moving forward otherwise known as moving on is one of the most difficult things to do. Why do people stay in a job they hate for twenty years and even get awards for it? Why do others endure colorless, abusive relationships until they get married to the same person? The examples are countless but the principle remains that people become comfortable and content even in trial and tribulation that if they are offered a way out, they would prefer the pain of their familiar problem than the pain of moving on. Always pick up the positive lessons from your evaluation of that experience and move on ahead.

Courage in a Crisis – 10 Nuggets That Offer Hope In Times of Trial

You have prayed diligently and asked God for certain things to happen in your life. You have fasted and even gone to the prayer mountain, fasting, trusting and believing that your urgent cry for help will not go unheeded. You have given God an ultimatum and you said to him, if you do not come through for me, I am done with serving you. You have been lying awake at night waiting for morning to come yet the day never drew close. So now you want to throw in the towel. You want to quit, you want to give up because the promise was made but the fulfillment is just not coming and you are about to despair. You have been watching and waiting, wailing and whining.

No Limits – You Are Unstoppable – 10 Life Changing Ideas on a Limitless Life

Just when you thought that you have done the best you can and that you have reached the limit of your capacity, I am here to tell you that instead of living within self – imposed constraints, it it time to increase your capacity. Everything in this world is designed to limit you. Talk about speed limits, credit limits. Systems designed for control do not bring about growth. I would like to share with you things about limitations.

Lack of Motivation And How To Overcome It

Everyone experiences some lack of motivation in their lives because we are emotional beings. This may result in depression, lack of confidence and giving up. Learn how to overcome burnout and adversity to get motivated again.

Will My Effort Matter? 10 Things You Can Do That Will Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

Dare to be different was the theme of one of the holiday camps that I attended when I was in high school. Whilst I may not recall the details of who the speakers at that camp were. I still remember from that day onwards that I learned that what I do matters.

What Is the Point of Trying?

Sometimes it can be hard to find the motivation to start a new goal or plan of action. We may feel that we will not succeed, there is no point, that others are better than us. But having a go is about more than the end result. Trying in itself is an important commitment to ourselves.

Winner or Loser – It’s Your Choice

Life is full of ups and down. Are you a winner or a loser of your life?

What Will It Cost?

“Let us go up at once to take the land, for we are well able to overcome it.”    Caleb and Joshua, forty-year-old runaway slaves,  came to a land full of huge fruit that God had given them and their three million kinsmen.  They and ten of their brother ex-slaves went to spy out the new land.

Partnerships – 10 Things That Will Enable You To Establish Godly Partnerships

Because man could not live alone in the garden of Eden, God decided that he was going to create a partner for him a suitable helper who the man named Eve. It was not possible by God’s design for Adam to partner with the animals he looked after. It is amazing now that people do not give careful consideration to who they partner with in important ventures. It is important to partner with God in what He is doing because he establishes the kingdom of heaven on earth through partnerships. In business, marriage you cannot just partner with anyone. You need to partner with someone suitable without whose help you couldn’t accomplish what you need to. Ten things will be at your disposal today after you read this article on Godly partnerships.

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