How to STICK to Good HABITS Even if You’re LAZY!

7 Steps To A Solid Resolve – Inspired By Gandhi

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with dirty feet. ~Mahatma Gandhi. There is a regal flair to the life that insists on the higher morality at whatever cost.

Making Dates With Destiny

Be careful in your striving to not grab at something now that might see you missing out on that greater thing to come. We’re ambitious creatures to the very last one of us. Especially it’s known of those in their early thirties and forties; that the pull of achievement is a desire not easily tempered.

Are You Deflecting Or Owning Your Brilliance?

One of the biggest ways to keep confidence from increasing is through the process of “deflection.” Deflecting disrupts and blocks positive energy flow – the kind of positive energy flow needed for increasing your level of self-confidence and taking your life to the next biggest level.

How To Stay Productive Even When It’s Hard!

So perhaps you have just started a new blog and at first it was all very exciting and you could write for hours and hours. Then some way down the line, maybe a few weeks or months in it becomes ever more difficult and it starts becoming a slog. You find that you are easily distracted and doubting that a future in writing is for you.

How to Reignite the Spark In Your Life

There’s something missing in your life. You’re not sure what it is. Maybe you don’t even know exactly what you’re feeling, only that you don’t like it. Life has lost its flavor. That spark you once carried inside of yourself is sputtering. There is a way to recapture that spark, and it’s already within your power.

Do You Live From a Giant “No!”?

To learn to live joyously, ecstatically, rapturously-and we are not talking about going wild in ways that are dysfunctional and ultimately harm us-isn’t generally why folk go to a church, a temple, a mosque, an ashram. They go in order to in one way or another “straighten themselves out,” whether that be in the form of unburdening themselves of guilt or trying to “toe the line” the way they believe they should.

Motivation Is Often the Difference Between Failure and Success

Are you about to take a difficult task? Do you think you are motivated enough? Do you look forward to a new success? In your life many tasks prove not to be easy. But the main problem is not the difficulty of a task but the fact that you are not motivated enough. In this article I will give you some tips how to motivate yourself and help you achieve your goals.

Motivate Your Team by Hiring a Motivational Speaker!

While hiring a motivational speaker to uplift the spirits of your team or re-organize and re-group them, you need to keep a couple of facts in perspective. First, it is very important to hire a speaker who has proven experience in or knowledge of the related function.

The Outliers – How Motivational Speakers Promote the Story of Success!

Despite being endowed with impressive talents and encountering the best opportunities in life, success could still be a far fetched dream for many. Business entrepreneurs and leaders are in continuous pursuit of true success, for their teams in particular and organization as a whole.

5 Steps to Consider When Hiring a Funny Motivational Speaker For Your Next Meeting

Speakers who can catapult their discourses to newer heights with generous use of wit and humour are most preferred. After all, some good humour acts as a suitable digestive for heavy and solid words of wisdom.

Looking Back Anew

Life indeed is full of drama! This is what I’ve learned based on my experiences. Why did I come up with this conclusion? It started 23 years ago.

Making Your Mind to Think Constructive

“You are really what you repeatedly do”. Everyone has a unique lifestyle with various tradition and habits. Behavior starts cultivating from our childhood and our parents perform the major part inside it as we raise finding our parent’s we are likely to replicate them without our understanding, it comes quite logically “Dad is the hero of every child”.

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