How To Stop Procrastinating! | Evan Carmichael | #Shorts

A Successful Failure

Every day I get up and I know that life is a gift and I have the opportunity to do something…. or nothing. I am passionate and driven because I choose to be.

Change Your Life By Changing ANYTHING (Pt. 5 of 5)

What is the secret to changing the parts of your life that you think need to be changed? It’s so simple. Change ANY area of your life, and you will improve ALL areas of your life.

Doing What You Think You Cannot Do

Doing that which you fear, or think you cannot, will help you develop the above qualities and many more, such as: creativity, patience, fortitude, compassion, humility, generosity, determination, tolerance, acceptance, collaboration, curiosity, and boldness. You get them by continuously tackling challenges.

Just So You Know

I just can’t help but wonder how much more this world can take and still survive. Unless we as Americans wake up and realize the many deceptions that are going on around us, our freedom and liberty will be stripped from us and we will be left wondering how that happened. The multi media is feeding us propaganda and we are filling up with the lies and will someday pay the penalty for not knowing the whole truth. The whole truth is what we are not hearing. This country is founded on liberty and freedom, the very thing Christ came to deliver because Satan comes as a thief to kill, steal and destroy. His ploy of deception is to tell us part truth with the lies, which is all a lie. How long will we believe him? This article is just to let you know what is going on right beneath your nose. Can’t you smell it?

Now is the Time

Do you have unfulfilled dreams for your life? Do you have feelings unexpressed? Are there words you want to share with a loved one before one of you dies? This article reflects the author’s personal story about his father’s death and how our awareness that time is limited can serve as a catalyst to take action now.

8.9 Billion Dollar Industry

Personal development is an 8.9 billion dollar industry. Are you ready to learn what it takes to be a part of it?

Be Here Now: A ‘Handy’ Technqiue

Once you learn that the present moment is the one that holds the real magic, training yourself to return to it allows you to more liberally use its potent gifts. Learning to be in the present is a skill like any other, mastered through attention and practice. To remind yourself to turn your attention to the present moment, try the Helping Hands Technique.

Too Old, Too Fat, Too Dumb

Why do people tell themselves (and anyone stupid enough to listen) how disadvantaged they are, so then they don’t actually have to get off their arse and change their situation or circumstance because obviously…. it’s all beyond their control. Sure it is Pinocchio. Boo Hoo.

Hope for Discouraged Students

You may be a student who feels like a failure or who is feeling discouraged. Many students who at one time thought of themselves as unsuccessful became leaders and persons of extraordinary achievements.

Wellness-What Does It Mean For You?

Suffering stress related symptoms due to your bank balance? Financial wellness is an important issue for total wellbeing. Do you have financial goals that will support you in your retirement?

Positive Habits Can Transform Your Life

Change your habits and you will transform your life. Small positive habits done on a regular basis lead to better mental and physical health, success, and fulfillment.

Fear Can Equal Failure

If fear is the cause of your procrastination you are not alone, the difference is some people do not let the feat control them. If you want to change your current situation do something today to remove that fear.

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