How to Use CRYPTOCURRENCIES to Their FULL Potential and Get RICH!

Are You Flying By the Seat of Your Pants

The antidote to a harried, overly busy life is what I call, “Take 2”. If you take 2 hours of your time to pre-plan your week ahead, those 2 hours will save you hours and hours of wasted time.

Discover How You Can Cast Away the Shadowy Part of Your Life

How do you stop wasting time looking at the shadows and living in the shadows of your life? Make an effort to walk out of your shadowy part today. And let there be light coming from every direction to cast away your shadow.

Self – The Man in The Glass

An inspirational message written by a young man who committed suicide, details unknown.

How Much is a Life Worth?

The three year-old who quietly dies from starvation today in the Sudan (and he will) is just as important as the millionaire celebrity who kills him or herself with drugs…. or the high-profile philanthropist who gave away millions and died of old age. In fact, to me, the three year-old is more tragic and significant because he never even had a chance. He couldn’t waste his life like so many of us do… because he never had a life to waste.

Persistence: The Difference Between Success and Failure

The world is full of people that almost achieved their dreams. The trouble is that you’ve never heard of any of them…

Quick Tip to Keep Motivated

The largest hurdle many people stumble over in their journey to attain their goals, be it financial or personal or whatever, is they lose sight of the goal. Once the goal is no longer visible, it sets in a tone of negativity that leads to the thought that it’s not attainable.

What is Healthy Support?

Sometimes it helps to have a measuring stick and a little lesson on the appropriateness of the support we receive.

Character Traits – 3 Key Ones To Achieve Your Dreams

If you want to achieve your dreams and goals and live a happier life then you need 3 key character traits that we are going to examine in this article. If you can get the right mindset and use them, you can live a better and happier life. So what are they? Let’s take a look.

How To Motivate Myself: Create A Successful Day, Everyday

Find out how to improve your life and improve yourself fast. Getting started has less to do with whether you have the energy and more to do with your desire and willingness to accomplish any given task.

How To Get Motivated To Be Outrageously Successful In 2007

Learn 15 common sense sales tips on how to get motivated to be outrageously successful in 2007.

Believe in Me

“Every achiever that I have ever met says, “My life turned around when I began to believe in me.” -Dr. Robert Schuller We’ve heard it time and again. Believe and it will Be. And many of us ask, “But how?” Read on for advice from Coach Velma.

Turn Adversity Into Opportunities – Losing Dad at Age 7, Fighting Abuse, Becoming an Entrepreneur

Losing a father at age seven was tough. Leaving home and going to a Home for Fatherless Boy’s was life changing to young Tony. Dealing with corporate abuse was equally difficult and Tony Bonanzino fought hard and changed that for himself and his fellow employees. He bought out the company and changed the business philosophy.

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