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An Overlooked Goldmine – The Power of Sticking With It

Not long ago, my son gave me a nice compliment. He said that I had the power of sticking with it. I think he called it “stick-to-it-ive-ness.” While that may not be a word in the dictionary, I bet you know what he meant. Sticking with something and seeing it through is a golden quality. Do you stick with something until you achieve your goal?

Finding Your Gold and Keeping it Shiny This Summer

Find your Gold this summer and let is shine. We all have things that make us feel connected, happy and whole. This summer take time to rediscover your own Gold and shine like the sun.

What is Your Personal “Mission Statement”?

Every serious corporation, organization or team has a mission statement. When applied correctly, it gives them focus and purpose making them more effective and successful. So what about you personally? Do you have a Personal Mission Statement for yourself? Reasons and simple steps to work on one.

Motivational Speeches Can Change Lives

Motivational speeches have the power to literally change people’s lives. These types of speeches aren’t the ones that put you to sleep. Thees are the ones that can awaken that belief inside of you that have been beaten down so long ago.

Songs That Motivate

Music enhances the experience of life for it has the power to move the deepest depths of our souls. This is the power of motivational songs.

Motivational Posters – What Are They Good For?

Motivational posters are practically plastered everywhere from break rooms, hallways, to upper management offices. Do these posters really motivate people or is it just the “thing” to put up on office walls? What makes these posters so popular anyway? So you have a picture with a quote underneath it, how can that motivate anyone? Apparently, these things are used by many successful people all over the world.

Have You Encountered a Set Back?

Have you encountered a major setback? Many of us have, but what do you allow it to do to you when it happens? Do you quit and feel as if the world is about to come to an end? Do you just give up on everything? Or do you realize that this setback just might be the opportunity given to you to sort of re-group and think things over for the new plan?

Don’t Seek Perfection – Just Do the Right Thing

This article talks about self help and personal development issues regarding success. One of the reasons why people fail is because of a negative attitude, perfectionism. At most times, what people need to do is to just choose the right decisions instead of making everything perfect.

Ten Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself

There will be days where you don’t want to do anything involving that dreaded four letter word – work. Whatever type of work you do in order to get to a specific goal you have in mind, sometimes we need that burst of energy to combat that “lazy,” “procrastinating,” “I-don’t-want-to-do-it” voice in our heads.

How to NOT Make Excuses

My circumstances may not can be changed changed, but my attitude about those circumstances can dictate my day. The excuses are always available but that does not mean that I have to choose to give in to those excuses.

To Be 80 Or 90 and Die Climbing!

I love the timeless wisdom of J. Oswald Sanders. His chapter on Spiritual Mountaineering is a great motivation for longevity of life: to be consistent in our youth; to not become frustrated in our middle life; and finally, to be triumphant in old age… ah, to be a victorious octogenarian or nonagenarian!

Hiding From Our Greatness

How many extremely talented people do you know who are hiding their greatness? All of us have something unique and special to offer. Oftentimes we hold back and only scratch the surface of what we could be.

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