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Motivation While Training

Everyone knows that working out has major benefits for your physical and mental health. Doing sports can relieve stress, make you look and feel better, prevent diseases, improve your health, give you some fun alone time and much more. So if everyone is aware of all the advantages of working out, why do many people feel like they are not doing it enough?

Don’t Be A Photocopy Machine

You are a living miracle and when you’re truly in touch with the miracle of who you are, you’re in touch with the miracle that life is. When you’re being yourself fully there is a power in that, an energy in that, people around you feel it and life will respond. Who have you been pretending to be in order to be successful? How have you been compromising yourself? Who are you really? Really, who are you? I say, it’s time to tear up the photo copy versions of yourself and dare to let go. Dare to listen to the unique groove of your own heart. Dare to be an artist. Your life is your art and your heart is your paint brush; you literally, in your own unique way get to create a life that is a masterpiece.

Consumerism – The Drug of an Unconscious Society

GDP. The expression used by politicians, financiers, and commercial business, it stands for Gross Domestic Products. It is used as a measurement for how well we are doing, in other words, how much we are producing and consuming.

Paradise, Where, Where?

Then why do we keep searching somewhere else for paradise, right? Why is it always greener on the other side of the fence? What is it with us humans that we cannot accept that what we’ve got is more than enough…

Great Ways To Motivate Yourself

There are many terrific self motivation techniques that have proven effective. Most of us have seen motivational sales quotes displayed at businesses, used in radio spots, or even as a marketing slogan gone viral. You can practice motivating yourself every day to overcome bad habits, be healthier, and achieve success.

Life Is Not Always Bad Road And Cold Beans

Sure, the adage that we get what we pay for is genuinely true, but it is not honest. Let me explain that.

Challenge Yourself To Become Successful

It is time to reprogram yourself, so get ready to rumble. Discovering who you are will take some time.

What Difference Do Words of Appreciation Make?

Are words of appreciation part of your regular vocabulary, or are you too busy to speak them let alone notice all the gifts that are right under your nose? Gratitude is the most potent way to change your life…and the lives of others.

Procrastinating? 7 Tips To Help You Play A Bigger Game

Procrastination. We all suffer from it at various times. Waiting to start that big project. Waiting to do some household chore. Waiting to have a difficult conversation with an employee, colleague or family member.

Jed Mildon and His Motivation for a Guinness World Record

In case you haven’t seen the video Jed Mildon a BMX biker from Taupo, New Zealand landed the first ever BMX triple backflip during the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam a competition held on Saturday May 28th, 2011 in Taupo. In attendance was a representative from the Guinness Book of World Records to witness & approve the amazing feat, that Jed had been practicing for 3 months prior to the event.

Dose Of Attitude From Motivational Quotes

Our attitude becomes the mental filter and through it we experience the world. We all know that circumstances are not in our direct control but we can definitely control our own thoughts. When we are not able to see through our windows, how will we ever imagine our dreams? We all face tough times in our life. But our response to all these will determine our attitude and the good thing is that we have the right to choose the right attitude. Let the light come inside our window and we can use these empowering principles to reach our full potential.

Which Motivation Definition Means The Most To You?

It is natural you will encounter difficulties and obstacles at some point in life. The trick is to be persistent and never give up when you encounter problems like these in order to avoid being hindered by them.

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