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Motivate to Action Through Free Motivational Videos or Even Create Your Own

While the majority of the population has seen their share of, or at least are aware of, the many different free motivational videos out there covering topics from becoming financially independent to raising one’s self-esteem or confidence. What is not so commonly known is the impact and benefits that these videos actually provide, the ability to see in action or to have a demonstration performed to reinforce an idea or concept is one of the most effective ways of imparting information of any kind, and particularly so for the materials covered in most free motivational videos.

Motivation – 8 Tips on Overcoming The Challenges of Life

I have always wanted to be free from the daunting, disheartening, obstacles and challenges of life. I imagined a smooth highway without potholes, without roadblocks, small almost impassable fords or bridges, twists and turns, highs and lows. It is the life I dreamt of where everyone would be getting along with everyone else without any conflict and the hard, sad reality hit me that having such a vision of how life should be can at best be attributed to exposure to too much television. Life is fact not fiction. There is no perfect script for life. A life without challenges is not worth living and that kind of life will not enable you to grow and it kills you.

The “Just One Thing” Principle

When I led canoe trips for a living, one of the first things we taught is that you don’t need to put that much pressure in your strokes to change the direction you’re going. A little does a lot. And the same thing is true for goals.

4 Main Causes of Procrastination

Has procrastination ever stopped you from doing what you really want to do with your life? If your answer is yes, you might be interested to know about 4 causes of procrastination and what you can actually do to solve these problems.

Are You Motivated To Change For The Better? Part 2/3

This article will be about how many ways that people will change? They are two ways to change: by force or by choice.

What Keeps Us

Our daily routine sometimes goes by so fast that the weekend hits us and we rush here and there to do things before the week starts again. Other people may have the opposite issue where they sit at home with not much to do wishing they could get out and do something but they can’t because of their situation such as health issues, money problems or something else.

Motivation, Must for Successful Life

What is motivation – Motivation is the virtual force which causes us to achieve goals or we say that one of the most important factors that leads one to their goals. It may be required for human specific needs like eating and resting, or a desired object, goal, state of being, ideal, selfishness and morality.

Are You Going To Quit?

This time yesterday I had just been released from the ER of one of our local hospitals after a heart attack scare. The previous evening after supper, I developed severe chest pain.

Tips For Staying Motivated

Motivation is an ongoing process that should include every facet of your life. It only takes a little concentrated effort to keep motivated and productive, which can lead to success. There will always be obstacles in reaching our goals and everyone needs a little help maintaining direction.

Struggling With Your Business? Crazy Heart – The Ups, the Downs, and the Comebacks

A top entertainment industry career coach uses the movie Crazy Heart as a metaphor for career success. So many people are going through changes in their careers this year. Some are being open about it, others are putting on a brave face and suffering through alone, and still others are self-destructing. Here’s some motivation to help you through.

New Year Resolutions? What New Year Resolutions?

How are your New Year Resolutions coming along so far? Do people still make those things? If you’ve made resolutions like I’ve done in the past – you know the ones where you are all gung-ho on January 1, then sometime around January 3 you’re burned out and ready to go back to your old habits – then I’ve got a great tip on how to beat that cycle of defeat once and for all.

As A Man Thinketh Quotes and The Fear Of Public Speaking

A look at how the philosophies of James Allen in his book As A Man Thinketh can assist in overcoming the fear of public speaking. The article tells how public speaking is the number one fear people face and how a James Allen quotes was a big factor in helping over come the phobia.

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