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Key Motivational Factors – 10,000 Dollars for Every Ten Minutes of Exercise

Once you start on Phentermine and your appetite begins to decrease your doctor will probably also ask you to begin an exercise routine. When this is combined with an appropriate exercise routine it can turn a minor weight loss campaign into a highly successful pound slashing initiative.

Befriending Your Gentle Giant – A Lesson In Self Motivation

By befriending our gentle giants, we can harness the power of the unconscious. Persuasion works when we first learn to persuade ourselves. Try this technique.

Banishing Fears – Move into Success, Health and Happiness

Anxiety disorders have been diagnosed in 18 percent of the US adult population. And how many more of us live lives that are limited by fears of things that never happen? We spend a lifetime fearing or worrying about some eventuality that never arrives.

From Spark to Flame

When my now 19 year old daughter was in Grade 3, all of Mrs. Mathews’ students were given a small pot with a bean seed to plant. Green string beans it seems are pretty hardy and the perfect seed to use when promoting green thumbs in young children. That same plant was also a most unexpected source of understanding and insight for me.

Secrets to Gaining More Energy – 10 Ways to Add New Spark to Your Life!

Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel run down and burned out, with hardly any positive energy to give to the activities you once enjoyed? On top of all that, if you depend on food to gain a necessary lift, you may now also be struggling with unwanted weight gain or out-of-control emotional eating. If your get up and go has got up and gone, follow these ten steps and discover how to rejuvenate and awaken your passions!

How to Get the Golden Ticket in Life

The grass always looks greener when you are comparing yourself to the illusion of what the other person has. “You have the Golden Ticket”. You have something right now that someone else is wanting, so want what you have and everything else is a bonus.

Money Is Not Evil

If money is supposed to be the root of all evil, then why does everyone want more of it? I swear every time someone says, “money is the root of all evil” I just cringe like someone just took their fingernails and ran them down a chalkboard.

The Prize Of Initiative

The dreamer without initiative is like an eagle without wings. He may wish and dream of soaring high and touching the heavens but his reach is limited by his handicap. The person of initiative but without a dream and purpose is like a rogue bull elephant; the ultimate loose cannon who lives to cause trouble.

Why Do Most People Run Away From Success and Choose To Be First Class Failures?

The simple fact is that to work hard to become successful in life is the goal of everybody unless you are ready to throw in the towel and give up on your efforts and chances of becoming a success. In this day and age there is a ton of material available with the focus on helping people reach their goals at something.

What Are You Doing?

Have you ever heard someone either speaking directly to you or perhaps over heard a conversation coming from a group of people talking about how some day they are going to do this or do that, hope to, or one day things are going to change or whatever? Sure we all have at one time or another. Well do you notice a pattern of what they do not say? They never or rarely ever follow up their statement with what they are doing or will be doing to make their statement a reality.

How to Stop Putting Things Off Until You Win The Lotto

As a partially-reformed procrastinator, I offer some tried and tested tips to change people’s thinking about what can wait until tomorrow and to inspire them to act today.

The Best For You

How would you treat someone you wanted the best from? Starve them, whip them, shout at them, be cruel to them? Or give them the very best care possilbe? What if that someone was you? Are you giving the best to you?

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