I CAN DO THIS – Powerful Motivational Speech

Why People Trust Lies That Cannot Profit Them (Jeremiah 7:8)

The world runs on lies and the biggest lies of all stands behind the World Order and the religions born of Babylon and sun worship. To explain this in detail has taken years of research and a virtual trip back to that city to unearth the roots of what the majority believe in. The results are shocking and the journey took me through the sewers of the human mind while digging in the dirt of man’s dreams to unearth it.

I Have the Power to Change Myself

Having a passion for something, will motivate you towards achieving your goals. When setting your goals, you always want to be passionate about those goals, because if you love what you do, you will be driven by the desire to achieve success. This will go a long way towards reaching your dreams.

My Vibrant Nature Is Contagious

If you want to go far in life, you have to be excited about your dreams and goals. You have to feel the desire vibrating in your body. Most of our goals and dreams involve other people, who we will be working with. Your excitement will be contagious, and spark the desire and excitement in others.

She Came And Left – Left An Indelible Impression

Gratitude is truly the memory of the heart. We have a lot to be grateful for, grateful for life’s blessings.

How You Can Get Lucky in Life With These Three Tips!

When you say someone is lucky, what do you usually mean by that? Do you mean that person has anything he could ever want? That he’s living the life and making the most out of it? That he just keeps going at his goals, achieving them, and getting more opportunities thrown at him?

Motivation for Your Dreams, Is It Harder or Easier Alone?

Having a dream is easy, but working towards it can be hard. There are so many factors of various challenges you may face when you decide to undergo this journey. But the one factor that I believe can be the making or breaking of a possible dream is having/keeping motivation. This article is discussing whether it is easier or harder to be motivated. With this are tools to help you along your journey to keep you going for that dream because you deserve it! You will not believe how cost free financially it is to be motivated. So why not try these tools as it has helped so many.

How to Change Procrastination Into Action

We all have tasks we find difficult, unrewarding, or just plain distasteful and we usually have the tendency to put them off until “tomorrow.” Over the years, I have discovered an important trick that I used to help me overcome that distasteful task: it is that if you are going to do something, be happy while doing it. Always set a simple standard for yourself; resolve to muster enthusiasm for projects, meetings, and tasks that you do not enjoy but that are crucial to your business. Sometimes, you may not want to initiate actions due to pre-conceived ideas of embarrassment, disappointment or fear of failure. But the truth is, the worst that could happen is someone says ‘no’. Of course, being happy while you do something unpleasant is much easier said than done but think of the negative results of not doing those things.

My Achievements Make Me Proud

This will allow you to strive for excellence, and use the past successes to remind you that you’re improving and learning. If you reflect on your past achievements, you will realize that you’re moving up the ladder of success, gaining confidence with every step. Perhaps you have bigger [nay-sayers might say “impossible”] dreams. Being proud of your achievements will be the driving power in chasing your dreams. Why? You will have the confidence, and be self-motivated. Remember, being self-motivated, and with an unshakable confidence, you will be able to conquer the world, no dream will be unreachable

Life’s Five Essential Ingredients – How Are You Doing?

Do you know what the five essential traits, beliefs or life mindsets are for a well lived life? Here are mine – wisdom, discernment, faith, integrity and action. Let me explain why I feel these are the vital ones and yes, there are others, but if you live with just these you are headed in the right direction in creating an amazing life with fewer regrets, less stress and greater inner peace.

The End? Not Yet

Here is my narrative of coping with suicidal thoughts and urges, and my perspective on suicide. Why people kill themselves, why we are in a way responsible for it, why law can’t stop suicides and much more.

A Box Office Hit

All winners have asked this question, the response of which resulted in them taking the actions they felt was right for them. How do I want the movie that will be my life played back to me on my last day? Why would you do something you don’t like, and then look back on your last day of life regretting what you have done?

Win Or Learn, Never Lose

The comfort zone is a crazy place. No one should be stuck in it. In this article I’m talking about getting out the comfort zone!

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