I Didn’t Come This Far To Only Come This Far | Motivational Speech Compilation

What Happened to Your Dreams

A long time ago, when you were full of vigor, you had a lot of dreams. You dreamt of big and grandiose things, of being rich and famous, of going places, of having your name as well-known as your favorite pretzels; of conquering the world. When we become adults, our dreams give way to new priorities, new responsibilities, different set of problems and concerns, of starting a family and many more. We get out from the comfortable life-support from parents and begin to live our own lives, earn our own keep and lay down the blueprint for the future.

Share Your Story With The World, It Just Might Save A Life – YOURS!

The hardships, obstacles, challenges and tests that you go thru in life can help you to become stronger in yourself so that you can develop the internal strength and power to share your story with the world. You will also foster deeper healing within yourself when you share your story. The more you talk about your story, the more cathartic it is for you, the more healing it brings you. So while you are helping to heal others you are also healing yourself more and more. You are now becoming more powerful within yourself. Don’t feel ashamed of what you went thru.

A New You

We’ve all heard the phrase “Time waits for no one” and the same can be said concerning life. When I look back over my life it seems as if I just graduated yesterday and today I’m nearly 50; and I wonder where has the time gone or better yet what have I done with the time that I have been given. I flooded my mind with reflective thoughts. I began to ask myself questions such as, have I used my time wisely, was I where I wanted to be in life and would I accomplish the things I wanted to before I was to old to achieve them.

Finding the Path That Is Right For You

If your life is not working for you, you feel as if you are a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, then it is your prerogative to make the necessary changes so that you can begin to feel ownership over your life. There are times when we only need to change one or two things and there are others times when we have to give our life a complete overhaul.

What to Do When Nothing Is Working

Sometimes, no matter what you try, nothing seems to work to find clients and you feel like you’re going to give up or breakdown. First, know that you are not alone. Lots of business owners experience this and believe it or not, I still go through this. I’m a human being and it happens to me too when things just don’t go my way

Self Improvement – The Worst Week Of The Year?

The second week of January is often said to be the worst week of the year for many, with levels of unhappiness at their highest. You can probably guess what my reaction is to that, can’t you..?

Change Your Attitude, Change Your Results

If you want a prescription for changing results in your life, read on! You can change your life by simply adjusting this one thing.

Walk Don’t Run

If you are over fifty years old I’m sure you are familiar with that old song, Walk Don’t Run. If not, no problem just keep reading. Far too many people are rushing through life and heading nowhere. Whether it’s behind the wheel, rushing through meetings or the lack of patience when it comes to life’s everyday circumstances.

Caring For That Abused Little Girl/Boy

It is NEVER ok for any parent(s) to abuse their children. It IS normal to expect your parents to support you and protect you from abuse. If your parents and family is still perpetuating the abuse then it IS ok to separate yourself from your family. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel that you are too sensitive and that you shouldn’t expect your parents and your family to make you feel safe. When people do not understand abuse they put it down to choose and not choose. It is not as simple as that. Remove yourself from anyone who is going to trivialize your abuse and make you feel as if you are wrong for expecting your parents to acknowledge what you are going thru. If it is an intimate partner then break off that relationship.

The Self and the Confidence – Success Cycle!

Self-confidence is one topic you will not miss in any talk about success. When a successful speaker talks about it, do we believe him or her? Do we mumble and say “that’s you and this is me and it’s not gonna happen to me.”

You Have It In You To Take On The Challenge

You have it in you to take on the challenge. What is that challenge? It is the thing that you have been putting off for years. The thing you fear. The thing that keeps you stating I need to have something before I can start. Take on that challenge.

I’m Getting Fat, Why Do Other People Have All the Luck?

Can’t believe you used to be a stick, and now you are becoming fat? Why does everyone else look strong and fine? Why do I not feel fine? Yes, there are some really fat people, but they can’t help it. Besides it is disgusting. Look at me, I don’t want to be disgusting. HELP!

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