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Mindperk – Jim Rohn Style

Jim Rohn December 5, 2009 marked the passing of Jim Rohn, 79, one of the most influential thinkers of our time. Rohn’s legacy has made an indelible imprint on an entire generation of personal development trainers and top corporate executives alike.

If the World Didn’t Suck, We’d All Fall Off

What if we realized that our first impression of what we desired was the first step in the actual creation of it in our physical environment, and that our thoughts about it have already created it in completion in an inner world that belongs to us. What If?

Beating Procrastination – How to Beat Procrastination in a Single Step

Beating procrastination is all about the attitude. Most people think that there is something “especially” wrong with them if they are prone to procrastinating. These people also think that beating procrastination is well nigh impossible. If you find yourself in this group then move this for a fact that you are not at all alone in your quest to beating procrastination out of yourself.

The Truth About the Doldrums

I used to sail a lot. There is no place like the water to clear your head. Nothing like the sound of silence when you cut the motor and it’s nothing but wind in the sails. It’s exhilarating.

3 Secrets to Be Persistent

Being persistent is one of the most important thing that you will learn in life. Persistence is when you keep going until you have reached your goal. It is one of the hardest thing to learn but the results when you are persistent is worth a lot! For instance, if you invest in pushing 100 pound weights every day at a gym, you will end up with big muscles and a healthy body. This will make you feel good and also more happier! But to do that, you have to be persistent! So here are 3 secret tips to be more persistent!

A Quick Start Guide to to Transform Your Life in 2010

As we approach the final chapter of 2009 and prepare to turn the page, how can we be ready for 2010? When the ball drops, and the clock strikes midnight, the confetti will fly and the champagne will flow. Its easy to become disillusioned amidst the mayhem. Soon the the party will end, the buzz will die, and life will normalize as quickly as the hangover arrives.

These Motivational Life Quotes of Mahatma Gandhi Can Change Your Life

Mahatma Gandhi – This name doesn’t need any introduction. He is known as the father of the nation. He is history’s most inspirational person ever. It was because of his hard work and dedication that we are able to get freedom from imperial British rule.

Overcoming Perfectionism – Why Perfectionists Tend to Procrastinate So Much

It would seem ironic that perfectionism can in fact sabotage your efforts. In an ideal world perfectionism would have yielded perfect results and the person who made the results come to life would have been just as perfectly happy. But for some reason that simply does not happen. What instead happens is the perfectionist is often left feeling sad/disappointed/unfulfilled for any amount of effort that he or she may execute.

Sell Your Quilt With Motivation

Starting any project is exciting at the beginning but when obstacles start coming up it is motivation that keeps us going. This article is for quilt sellers to keep going and realise that they can sell their quilts online or off.

Simple Tips on How to Get Motivated

Ever wondered how to find that missing spark and finally get motivated? Read on because these simple tips will help you get motivated and finally get on the road to success that you deserve.

Immediate Next Steps

Assuming one believes in the value of goal-setting and Getting Things Done (GTD as it’s often referred) as created by David Allen, then one of the most effective tools for successful individuals to employ is the Immediate Next Step (INS) method. Immediate Next Step is exactly as it sounds —- it’s the identification and execution of the specific task that must be done next in order to accomplish your larger goal or objective. What is so effective about this idea is that it’s simple.

Procrastination is the Thief of Time – So Set a Burglar Alarm!

So that’s why you don’t get anything done is it? That quote comes from a work by Edward Young, the English poet who lived from1683 – 1765. Well that ought to prove to you that procrastination is nothing new, and although it may be fine for poets to daydream their lives away it doesn’t really work for the rest of us. It’s a good image though isn’t it? It’s not your fault you haven’t got things done, it was that nasty thief who came in and stole all the time you had allowed to do that thing you keep leaving undone. Well, guess who gave the thief the key to the door and invited them to walk in?

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