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Who Are Debby & Dougy Anyways

Do you have someone negative in your life? Do you get caught-up in gossip? Are you unsure how to get away from this?

The #1 Missing Element in Self-Help

What’s the difference between people that have problems and those that never seem to have any problems? Are they just luckier? Do they have some secret that other people don’t know about? Here’s the truth…

The Secret Essence of the Secret

Focus. What is focus and what can it do for you? For the purposes of this article, focus can be defined as: centering attention on something (such as a goal or problem).

Commence the Journey

When life knocks you down sometimes you have dig so deep inside yourself to keep on going. The human spirit and will to go on is amazing at times when it seems impossible to overcome adversity. All we can do in this life is keep on trying. I hope form my experience I can give others the will to carry on and their true destination in this life.

What is the Condition of the Human Spirit?

There is no silver lining, no brass ring only hard work and disappointments. No one cares about you, no one is coming to your rescue. Life is an experience of trials and tribulations that taunt us to our grave

Adversity – Why? 2 Cor 4:17

Feeling bogged down by the trials of life. Don’t be. Here’s what you need to do to overcome any adverse situation.

Be Like a Rocket and Blast Off to Success!

Find out all about the effects of inertia as it applies to your success! Once you find out how to get off the ground, nothing can stop you again.

Do You Dare to Dream Big?

I mean dare to dream really big. Find out how.

3 Powerful Tools For Inner Motivation

You may think that enthusiasm and motivation go hand in hand, but that’s not necessarily true. You can be incredibly enthusiastic about your goals, but not sufficiently motivated to take action so it does you little good.

Avoid Uncertainty at Your Own Risk

‘Uncertainty avoidance’ is one of the five scales that are used to define your cultural attitudes. High uncertainty avoidance can sabotage the midlife transition and prevent you from moving forward.

Controlling Your Mind Power – A Quick Assumptive Review

I am assuming that you have decided that there is more to life than you are presently experiencing. You have seen, heard about, or read about the small percentage of people who truly live the lives of their dreams.

Procrastination – Your Worst Enemy

Your worst enemy is not the girl with a crush on your boyfriend. Your worst enemy is not the guy who takes your starting position on the team. Your worst enemy actually dwells within you. It is your tendency to put things off until the last minute. Your worst enemy is procrastination.

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