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Got Happiness?

Has there been anyone or anything that has tried to steal your joy? What makes you happy? Here are four ways to live a happier life.

How Not to Get Caught

Why is it that we think we will get away with whatever we want to do? Is it that we don’t think that we will get caught? Here is the fool-proof way to not get caught and live the life we want.

Famous Inspirational Quotes That Boost Our Motivation to Succeed

We all admire people who have made something out of their lives. And while we can’t ask them to live our life for us, we can look to their famous inspirational quotes for guidance.

Can’t Get Motivated? Well, Your Body Would Like to Have a Word With You

You know the dreaded line… “We need to talk.” It’s the kind of thing you hope you never hear… from your boss, your better half, a parent, or anyone else who plays an important role in your life. But what happens when it’s your body that’s delivering the “time to face facts” news flash?

Making the Most of Having Used a Motivational Speaker

Having a motivational speech given to your employees, or even being involved in hearing one yourself, is always a great learning experience and chance to find new strategies of working, as well as being inspired by success stories from a certain area of interest. The impact of a motivational speaker can only leave you with so much though and is not something that will last forever, so steps need to be put in place that will reinforce the message and make sure that you always keep it on board and use it wisely.

Success – You Can Enjoy it Too!

It’s a cruel reality that most of our societies equate academic achievements with success. However, is it true that obtaining good grades are the only road to success? No, it’s definitely not.

5 Tips For Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaking is all about getting your message across to the audience and making sure that it has a lasting impact. For that reason, there are 5 things that you should look for when hiring a motivational speaker for your business or conference: The first is the simplest and most obvious necessity: a good speaker. Make sure that you pick someone with good charisma and who your audience can relate to and have a real interest in.

Is a Motivational Speaker a Waste of Money?

Motivational speaking often comes across as a waste of time and resources, being a fancy way to get time off real working and allowing yourself to believe you are being innovative and good to your work force. Misconceptions often come hand in hand with the term ‘motivational speaker,’ but you need to be clear what you are looking for and what a speaker can offer you before you dismiss or commit to such an idea. If you have a fairly large working team then something that is important to instill is a sense of working towards common goals….

How to Be a Good Motivational Speaker

Being a motivational speaker is something that you will not learn overnight. The best way to get practice at motivational speaking is by attending professional motivational speeches and seeing how it is done first hand, as well as learning some simple tips that will be outlined below. To give a good motivational speech you need to be persuasive, influential and inspirational.

Internet Marketer Stuart Ross

You may be wondering who is Stuart Ross and why his name crops up so frequently in conversation about success stories in online marketing. When Stuart was in his early twenties, he became fed up with how hard he was working for an income that neither gave him the income he needed for the sort of life he wished to live, nor gave him enough free time. His personal life was suffering to such an extent that he became desperate to change his circumstances and begin living his ideal life.

Wisdom Gained From World Cup Goals

World Cup goals are really hard to get. Any game will have 0-6 goals max. What about business goals?…

Motivational Speaking – How it Can Benefit Your Company Or School

All over the country schools and businesses alike are realizing the extreme benefit of having professional motivational speakers visit. Although some of these speakers are quite pricey, there are actually many that are affordable, but just a great. Having the ability to motivate others is a rare and beautiful quality that people tend to greatly appreciate.

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