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16 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your Life

It is true that you get what you focus on in life; so if your glass is always half empty then you’re going to have a pretty miserable time. Here are some life things that you can do to make a start in living a much richer and contented life.

Loneliness: The Giant You Must Kill

Loneliness is a state of being alone, without companions. It is always associated with a sad feeling. In most cases one cannot be said to be lonely when one is not able to mix, relate, and interact with people even when they are close by.

Complexity: A Giant You Must Kill

Complexity begins when something goes wrong in one’s life. Many negative events that end up leaving lasting effects behind are the major causes. When you have an abusive past such as “rape”; when you grow up under an abusive and insultive environment, you find out that you will surely have a dose of low self-esteem. You see yourself feeling inadequate, having some misfits among your peers.

Inspirational Leaders Love What They Do

If you want to be an inspirational leader, as do many of my coaching clients, you have to have a “why” akin to that of the second stone layer. It has to be bigger – far bigger – than just about you. If you’re working to pay the bills, great. But if you want to be an inspirational leader, you need more than that.

Purpose Driven Life – Are You Aligned With Your Soul’s Mission?

Are you doing what you believe you are meant to do here on Planet Earth? Do you feel you are aligned with the intentions of your soul, in sync with your spiritual “grand plan” of life? I believe there are four specific aspects that help determine if one is truly aligned with their life purpose.

How to Forget the Past and Move on to a Better Life

We all go through rough patches in our lives that hold us back from moving forward. Those rough patches can include an unwanted job change, a breakup or divorce, or a death / illness in the family. In life we are always moving away from something (fear) or moving towards something (success). Depending on what life hands us, we can get stuck on fear mode. And when we are going through a rough patch, it’s sometimes difficult to snap out of it without doing some soul searching first.

For The Love Of A Child

Here, Sarong Party Girl continues her journey as a single mum and the trials and tribulation she undergoes for the love of her child. She also discovers the power of family in helping her through the difficult stage in her life.

How To Motivate

Many people are subjugated due to lack of guidance. They possess a lot of potential but it is all wasted because no one guided them, no one showed them for which was the right path and in this way the talent of the person dies within a large amount of time which was wasted. There are ways to motivate anyone…

Changing Behavior

The need for change in behavior of such individuals that cause trouble for you is very important. How the behavior of such ignorant people can be changed is possible by following a few steps…

Giftedness and Gifting – 10 Ways You Can Fan Your Gift Into Flame

I have heard some people who say they are not good at anything and that they do not have any special gifts. I do not believe for one second that there is a single human being inhabiting planet earth who does not have at least one thing that they can do exceptionally. The tragedy is not that you don’t have a gift. It is the fact that you have allowed them to atrophy and die due to non – use. A gift is like a little spark that needs fuel in order to turn into a flame. I share some of the wisdom I have acquired in the ten steps on how you can fan your gift into flame.

Purpose – 10 Results of Purpose

A life that is lived on purpose is a fulfilling, satisfying life. Show me an individual who knows who they are, where they came from and where they are going with their life and I can tell you that this kind of a person is going somewhere and he or she will get there. Whilst discovering your purpose may not be a simple task, it is worth it and it is rewarding. I will give you an example. The purpose of a mango seed is to produce mangoes. If you plant it on a rubbish heap, it does not produce rubbish, because it identity and purpose is inside it. You do have a purpose and I will show you ten results that the knowledge of your purpose will produce.

Make It Happen – 10 Steps to Make This a Better Year

The time to make it happen is now. If not now then when? A person that postpones will always remain ordinary. Yes there are ten year plans, five year plans and more, but what are you planning to do now where you are so that you can get “there”. Taking action now is the beginning of great accomplishments. You may not possess the natural advantages that others are born with but the time to create a new reality is now. I explore ten things that you must deal with in order to take action and in the process take your life forward.

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