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Self Improvement Tips on How to Stay Motivated in Your Business!

Maybe you’ve just kick started a new business or you’ve been working hard on it for a long while and still haven’t hit the level you want to be at. You’re doing everything right. You’re follow all the top earners in your field. Doing exactly what you’re sponsor tells you to do. Taking all the right steps. You think your doing everything you could possibly do, and still nothing seems to be working the way it should. Now you’ve started loosing your motivation and you’re ready to give up. Call it quits!

It’s Time to Get Up and Move On

Life can be a series of falling down and rising up and the distance we will go in life is very much dependent on how we handle ourselves, each time we fall, or fail. No matter how many times we miss it, we can still get up and move on, but it all depends on the amount of will power we are able to enforce, solely depending on God. In life, we might not have a brand new beginning but if we can let go of our messed-up beginnings and focus on the end mark, we will have brand new endings.

You Don’t Have to Be Smart to Be a Doctor

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but thought you weren’t smart enough? What’s holding you back?

Making a Difference

Celebrate this annual awareness day with family, friends and associates. Statistics reveal 95% of children and adults experience lack of confidence, self belief or low self esteem sometime in their life.

7 Simple Ways – How to Get Your Enthusiasm Back

Once upon a time, there lived a little child who was always enthusiastic. He sang, he danced, he played, no matter what he did, he did it with the enthusiasm of a puppy with a shoe. He was curious, excited and enthusiastic about everything around him. In fact, being enthusiastic was the only way he could be! That little child was you. But now it sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? what happened to all the enthusiasm?

The Difference Between Whole Life and Daily Procrastination

Whole life procrastination can also be called a lack of ambition or a lack of drive while daily procrastination is the lack of regular action to achieve a goal. Each one requires different tactics to overcome, but they are both ruled by the same emotion: if you’re not interested in your goal, you won’t pursue it no matter how much you think you should.

Setting Positive Habits to Support Change

Setting new habits and/or new improvements are formed through repetition, like so many of the things we do day to day, such as eat, bushing our hair and teeth, and making the bed. Are just a few examples of the things we do on a routine basis, which are habits, that we do automatically. Our subconscious mind works on autopilot, meaning that we don’t have to think about doing something, we just do it automatically because that is what our subconscious mind is programed to do, the habits we have were picked by doing thing from things repeatedly, so if you do something long enough it will become a habit.

Getting Motivated by Doing Nothing

Life has a way of draining your mind doesn’t it? Sometimes I wonder how we get up in the morning.

Freedom Isn’t Free, Freedom Isn’t For Everyone – Voluntary Vs Mandatory

Why do so many people mean to get in shape, start their own business, follow their dreams or take hold of their life in general and never seem to follow through? Because those kinds of activities are voluntary. When it becomes mandatory then it gets done.

Fulfilled Goals – A Checklist to Discover If You Are on the Right Path

What if you were to discover that you were working towards the wrong goals and therefore keeping yourself from success? Would you like to discover the most important questions to ask yourself to find out if you will reach your goals? You will discover the most important aspect for reaching your goals when you ask yourself these 3 crucial questions.

The Myths of Motivation

We often talk about motivating someone else: our children, our spouse, our employees, our customers, even our boss. But can you really motivate someone else? Or is motivation like a door that is locked from the inside?

Action Breeds Motivation

Do you ever get to a place in your work where you feel stuck and with that you don’t know what to do next? Do you find times in your life where you are not taking action and day after day your motivation dwindles away? Let me show you some methods you can use to banish those unproductive days and regain your motivation and productivity.

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