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The Power of “Yeah, But”

It seems like an innocent little conjunction, three little letters can’t really have that much power… or can they? ‘But’ is most often used as a way to exclude something or introduce doubt. It presents an either /or situation. Example: I want dessert but it’s too many calories. As if the only option is to eat a high calorie treat or nothing at all; no compromise, no middle ground. There is a feeling of choice being minimized or taken away.

Simon Sinek’s Why and The Golden Circle

Do you really know why you do what you do? As a business or profession? Is your goal only to make money? Or is it to make the world a better place. One can make you miserable. The other can fill your life with love and satisfaction. Simon Sinek explains the difference.

Your Motivation Attitude – It’s Not Destiny But Desire

Have you ever considered the difference between destiny and desire? When you think of the word destiny, what images and feelings do you have? My immediate reaction is that, for me, destiny feels confining. I imagine that I have no choice in the matter at all. Even if I wanted a different outcome, it was meant to be. That my life is going to unfold exactly as it unfolds with the illusion that I have control. Even as I write this paragraph, I was brought to this moment by unseen forces. A feeling of helplessness.

How to Motivated Unhappy People

Unhappiness is a state of mind that has to be corrected. Unhappiness attracts other unhappiness. People can be motivated if you present them examples of a happy life, of what it takes to be happy and to live a fulfilled life.

Why You Should Not Quit and Motivate Yourself to Move On

Quitting is easy. How to keep yourself motivated to stay in the game.

How Can Fear Become a Success Factor?

Fear is something we want to get rid of. But do you know that fear can become a motivating factor to your success?

How to Use the Law of Attraction to Motivate Yourself?

How to use the Law of Attraction to motivate others. The common thing about successful people is they are positive.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone and Really Help You in Life

Like most athletes and entertainers that compete to be the best. What do they all have in common? Or what should they all have that are similar? Apart from being very unique, they needed to come out of their comfort zone. What I mean by this is that, they have to come out of what they are used to and almost go beyond their capability sometimes.

Tips for Staying Motivated Through All Your Mistakes

You need to keep moving despite some roadblocks and failures. Mistakes are part of your every struggle for excellence. Without mistakes, there’s no progress. It’s through failures that you could rectify what was wrong, and find out possible solution to remedy the problem. When this happens to you life, just keep on moving on, don’t be discourage, but rather have faith that you can overcome those obstacles on you way ahead.

What Would You Do If You Had No One To Turn To?

What would you do if you feel like giving up? Let me tell you a story about a family that live in the southeastern part of the country. John was a self- employed contractor with a wife and two kids, he did residential renovations for the people in his town and surrounding area making a decent income paying the household bills.

Why Is It Important to Have a High Opinion of Yourself To Boost Your Self Image?

Occasionally, while all our concerns, worries and insecurities wrap us up, we continually come up with the thought of “I wish I was some other person.” Far more frequently than not, we feel and also imagine that another person or rather, so many people are a lot better than us – when in real life, the reality is, so many people are much more afraid compared to us.

Self Improvement Techniques You Can Use

Self-improvement can be a difficult journey to take, if you have decided that you want to improve your life then it is up to you to find the right motivation. No one else is going to improve your life for you it is something that you have to do by yourself. If you are able to improve your character and personality there are many rewards that can follow.

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