I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN – Best Motivational Speech

Success Starts With the Correct Attitude

Regardless of where you are or your situation, one of the keys to success begins with having a can do attitude. Remember when you were in grade school and one of your classmates would say “I can’t”, what would the teacher respond, inevitably you would hear these words, “can’t never did anything!”

Be Happy And Live Your Dreams

We are all put here on this earth to experience life, it is a gift.  Why not enjoy the ride and experience all that we can.

The Power of Dignity of Labor

There is immense benefit derivable in labor especially when we are diligent in doing something positive in life. In this article, I will be sharing some of these benefits of labor.

Getting Through Difficulty the Right Way

Many people we can safely call “resilient,” but not all of these persevere through their difficulties the right way. Not all people care for themselves appropriately. When pressure mounts there’s a whole raft of responses; many are those that turn their anger in on themselves in unhealthy ways.

Three Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination

When you know what you want to achieve yet you remain stuck and seem to unable to reach your desired outcome then you feel stuck unable to move forward yet also unable to let go of what you want to do. Procrastination can be a frustrating state to be in so if you would like to stop procrastinating once and for all and complete what you’ve set out to do then here are three strategies to help you achieve this.

Encouragement To Keep You Going

Never give up on your dreams. Amidst the various challenges of life, the different issues you will have to face, the problems you will have to find the solutions for and the obstacles you will have to over-come, realize that you have what it takes to win. You can reach the mark you have set for yourself. You can become what you have envisioned yourself being. You have what it takes to accomplish each goal, one at a time, or in some cases, more than one at a time. If you pursue with a relentlessness that will not cave in or lose heart, you can make the journey and reach the top.

Finding Your Dream Partner in 2011

Well 2011 is off and running – how have you gone staying on track with your plans to find a partner in 2011? Have you stuck to your action plans? Are you hitting your goals…or have you slipped back to square 1? It’s not too late – don’t wait for another year… your January 1 starts now!!

Motivation Is Essential for Goal Reaching

When you decide to set up a goal for yourself be it a short term goal like losing five pounds or a longer term goal such as becoming a manager within your company you have to set these goals as very specific things to achieve. You can’t set a nebulas goal and expect to be able to reach it. If you have the motivation to set up a goal and to write to down and follow it to completion you have the ability to change your life.

Do Motivation Books Really Work?

I have been using motivation books for over twelve years. It seems to me now that I got my first motivation books as a teenager in a bid to find useful information on the topic I was interested in – relationships. Later on I found the books on personal development and personal growth among those which were of the most interest to me. I read my favourite motivation books again and again and this helps me remember wise things the books offer and I even learn something new from them. Sometimes it can take you a few months or even years to get interested in and understand certain extracts or chapters; things that did not apply to you before may apply now. So if you know that a motivation book is a good one, keep it and turn to it for advice again.

How I Got Caught – And Served – By Coaching’s Most Powerful Premise

So – there I was in day three of the seminar, feeling good, happy with how I was showing up, interacting powerfully and pleasantly…when I got the rug pulled out from under me and I had to look at EVERYTHING differently. It was a simple question – “Who here did the homework? Was it insightful? What did you learn?”

Motivation Techniques – Starts With YOU!

When we get bad grades or have debts that become unmanageable, it makes you realize that there is something wrong and change needs to take place. Why is that most people wait for the pain before they realize that they need to change? It may be a book, a movie, a tragic story, or bad experience that starts the motivation within.

The Three Dimensional Vision Board: Empower Your Desires in 3D

A lot of people are using vision boards. Combine the vision board power with images and symbols placed throughout your living space according to the Bagua’s assigned areas.

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