I WILL NEVER GIVE UP – Motivational Speech

The Power of 3 Squared

Why is the number 3 powerful? What makes it any better than 5 or 7, or 4 or 6. Probably nothing, but it is a useful number. Here are 9 (3 squared) things for you to think about and work on.

Role Models – A Two Way Street – An Inspirational Person Motivates People to Reach For the Stars

In order to have a well rounded life, you have to have three aspects covered. One is your physical health, one is your mental health and the last is your spiritual health. All of these are impacted by those who surround you.

Maintaining Daily Motivation

The day to day routine is sometimes a drag, but maybe if we prepared ourselves better, we’d find our mornings easier and seamless. I’ve learned that waking up to work is inevitable and instead of complaining about it, I should change my morning routine to a more positive experience.

Helping Others Can Help You Achieve Your Six Pack?

Everyone has, or should have, goals in life. From basic personal achievements to setting up a major business, accomplishments are usually made by setting and achieving goals. Short term goals – from a few days to a week – to long term goals of months or years. Once goals are reached new bigger and better goals are constantly being made. Helping others achieve what they are trying to do is a sure fire way to achieve your own goals.

How Much Are You Worth? (Wealth Motivation Tip #2)

A while back I posted a video entitled, “How Much Are You Worth?” I got a lot of great feedback and it got me to thinking… Just how do people measure their value? Is it done on a monetary scale?

Be Your Own Motivational Speaker!

We all need to be motivated. But there’s no motivation like self-motivation! You don’t need some pseudo-spiritual experience from some motivational speaker “guru”, you need to know how to push your own buttons to switch yourself on in the ordinary course of your everyday life. The great news is that there’s no one better placed to switch you on than you. It’s the essence of self-help. You’re the one who can take control and change your life.

The Hardest Part is to Start

The toughest part of any new project isn’t the planning or mapping out of what you need to do. It is taking the first step and putting it into action. Taking the first step in any new enterprise is the most challenging part. A project manager report that I read recently analyzed the reasons why projects fail.

Self Belief and Motivation – How They Help

Self belief or motivation is the pedestal of all positive energy and affirmative activities that you indulge in through out your lifetime. Possibly these two qualities are much more significant in comparison to your self respect.

Overcoming Procrastination in 5 Simple Steps

Do you always put things off regardless of how important or simple they may be? Learning how to stop procrastinating starts with overcoming your lack of motivation and this can be done through careful planning. Read further to discover 5 simple steps you can take to help motivate yourself to start and complete those tasks you always put off.

You’ve Got to Be Self Confident to Ask For Help

Last Wednesday the Wall Street Journal ran a small article called “Apprenticeship 101.” Diane Prucino, the co-managing partner at the Kilpatrick Stockton law firm in Atlanta offered suggestions on what young lawyers should do to succeed as an associate in a large law firm. One of the suggestions that Ms. Prucino offered was, “Find and use a good mentor.” This is good advice, not just for young law firm associates, but for anyone interested in becoming a career and life success.

Motivational Songs and Me

Motivational songs are so important because they do motivate, are self and life-affirming, and inspire you to move forward in life. Listening to several of them is like having a meal high in protein without any calories…or a drug without any side effects… or better yet, petroleum with no emissions. You get the idea.

The Irony of Misery – Why Is Our Natural Instinct to Make Ourselves More Miserable?

Probably the hardest thing a person could ever do when depressed is try to be happy. Why is that? What kind of backward self defeating programming is this that the one who kicks us when we’re down most is ourselves?

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