I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED – Powerful Motivational Speech

Rewriting Your Life Story

Know how to rewrite your life story in times where stress puts the mind in fight or flight mode. Learn the better ways to do self stress counselling and thoughts to improve approach towards a situation.

What’s Stopping You From Writing?

If you have been putting it off, delaying it or just outright avoiding it, it’s time that you changed all that. Every author has to begin somewhere. Have you wondered where to begin? Or have you wondered if you should even begin writing at all? Just how important is writing, anyway? You might be surprised at this. Writing is ultra-important. And to find out this truth, you just need to look around. And then, just begin.

Visionary Thinking: Deciding to Thrive, Survive, or Nose-Dive

People that thrive in life generally have a wholesome driving vision. Surviving is where many end up because of the energy required to do life and mediocrity is the default. The nose-diving vision is one of a negative outlook without much hope for improvement. Hard work, focus, and even suffering is required to maximize time in the sweet spot of a thriving vision. Each person has to decide where to live the majority of a visionary life – nose-diving, surviving, or thriving.

Living a Precious Life

Learn how to overcome boredom and over working and live a more satisfying life. Through developing a renewed sense of purpose, feeling passionate and adding playfulness into your life you can regain the preciousness of each moment.

How to Be Motivated to Do Those Tough Tasks

Ever procrastinated? Of course you have, but how can you overcome procrastination? You must become motivated to do those tough tasks. Learn how to do just that in this article.

Turn Your Stumbling Blocks Into Stepping-Stones

How often have we enviously watched when someone, perhaps someone we know, achieved a goal that to us appeared impossible? We know that adopting the right mindset is important. That, coupled with a little luck, hard work and refusing to treat setbacks as impediments lets them focus on reaching where they’d aimed for. They treat stumbling blocks as stepping-stones.

Get Your “80/20” in Gear and Have a Blast

Most of us spend 80% of our time on things that really don’t matter all that much to us, and only 20% of our time on the things that really matter. That has to change.

You’ve Got to Be Like the Indian Passenger Train

The Indian Passenger Train never quits, however slow it moves, similarly when the going gets tough,we may move two steps backward, and one step forward, but would still reach our destination-only,and if only, we stayed the course, like our friendly neighbourhood Indian Passenger Train. Do not give up on yourself, and your dreams-the Indian Passenger Train never does, nor should you.

Decide to Choose Clarity

Having clarity about what you want is important for you to have success in your life. Otherwise you’ll simply drift. But clarity is a choice. When you decide to move in a direction, your choices become more evident. Learn how you can clear away confusion, and begin to make progress.

Procrastinating? Try This Simple Formula

Do you have those days when you just aren’t motivated or inspired to follow through on your good intentions? You’re lethargic, stuck in procrastination, and just can’t seem to get started. On days when I don’t feel like meditating, exercising, writing, cooking healthy food, or doing anything I really need/want to do, I’ve found a simple formula to get me going: low expectations and an easy warm-up.

Motivation Doesn’t Last, Nor Do You Want It To – Here’s What Does

Motivation doesn’t last because it diminishes the moment challenges arise. Humans are emotional creatures and while we have highly sophisticated forebrains, our actions are dictated by our limbic brain. Your actions are driven by unconscious desires that dwell deep in your reptilian brain, comprising of the brain stem and cerebellum. Its purpose centres on physical survival and the homoeostasis of your body.

Expectations Reality

William Shakespeare said “Expectation is the root of all heartaches” – In life, things don’t always go as planned. We lay our scenarios in our heads, of everything going perfectly, and looking great, without a hitch or flaw. But let’s be honest things almost never go down the way we think.

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