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How to Work With Demotivation (When You Just Don’t Want To… )

We all face situations in life we don’t like. There are always those projects or tasks that just have to be done that we’d rather not do. There are always going to be times when we have to work with demotivation. Part of maturity and taking responsibility for our lives is doing the things that need to be done, and doing them well whether or not we’re in the mood. Here are some strategies you can use that may help you to deal with those kinds of activities you’d rather not have to

Stop Wishing For A Better Life And Embrace The One You Have Now

Let’s be truthfully honest: Are you happy with your life or do you wish things were different? For example, how would a life coach evaluate it? Would they make adjustments here and there or give you their sign of approval? Sometimes we allow our negative emotions to get in the way of what life is trying to tell us.

When Your Present Life Isn’t Working

What can you do when you believe, that your present life isn’t working properly for you-or that it isn’t working at all? This may be a tough question, but it’s an important one. Symptoms that suggest you’re not satisfied with your present life include agonizing over your past, feeling sorry for yourself, complaining that “you didn’t do this or that,” and repeating your old failures.

Hit A Wall

Is it a bad day? Or is it bad thinking?

Shift Your Perspective

How do you see yourself? As a hero or a victim? In any given life circumstance, you can see yourself either way.

More Than Fluff

Although self-improvement is always good, the market for it is flooded now with so many authors and speakers who have become wealthy by saying words to make you feel good but amount to a bunch of fluff, with no real content. Be prepared for hard work and a few bumps along the way.

Don’t Punish Yourself When You Make Mistakes. Notice What You’ve Chosen And Simply Choose Again

Think about a recent mistake and consider how things could have turned out differently for you. Whilst hindsight is a wonderful faculty, it can often make us feel guilt and remorseful for our actions. I want to reassure you that every choice we make is made with the awareness and level of consciousness available to us at the time.

I Am His Inheritance

But it does not stop there. He chose to make us His inheritance, this is how much value we have to Him; He calls us His glorious inheritance, and He sees riches and triumph and delight in having us come one day and live in His presence, so that He can enjoy us. WOW, that is mind Boggling, I get dizzy just thinking about it.

Unlock Your Life’s Purpose With These Motivation Tips

Does it seem like it takes a lot of motivation to just take that first step of starting a new project, article or business venture? Are you unsure or confused as to what God’s will or purpose is in your life?

Renew Your Spirit This Year

While many people set concrete goals like losing weight, saving money or traveling as part of their New Year’s resolutions, I would like to invite you to consider renewing your spirit instead this year. The noble practice of tending to your inner spiritual light and cultivating a sense of peace in your heart may not seem so inviting, but the payoffs are tremendous!

How to Defeat the Grasshopper and Elephant Mentality in the Workplace and in Life?

You know, we can learn a valuable lesson from the grasshopper, the elephant and the way people think. Here’s why. If you want to keep a grasshopper for a pet, then all you need to do is to trap that grasshopper in a jar with a lid over it.

The Goals You Set Are Not Promises But Commitments Towards Achievement

There are no assurances of accomplishing our goals since they’re not promises but a commitment towards achieving them. How does this idea appeal to you? You may well achieve your goals, however if you’re unaware of your motives, it will have little bearing on your long-term happiness.

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