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What Flappy Bird Teaches About Life

In early 2014 I joined the “flock” of many who became overly addicted to Dong Ngyun’s infamous mobile game, Flappy Bird. A retro 2D styled game, with a flying bird moving forward between oncoming sets of pipes, with an objective to avoid colliding into them or dropping to the ground. While the game was extremely simple to learn, it was not so easy to master, causing many to become easily addicted, including myself.

Daily Motivational Practices

Even the most motivated, dedicated, multitasking individuals have slumps. Trying to find daily motivation can be tricky, even overwhelming, to the point where you aren’t even sure where to begin! Following is a list of daily practices that will ignite your inner motivation and get you started in creating your desired life circumstances.

Dare to Dream, What Does It Take to Succeed?

Starting an online company with nothing more than a thought. No clear vision, no experience, just the knowledge that I had to do it.

Meditation Calms Emotions and the Mind

In this modern computer age, where life is so stressful, Meditation practice is essential to relieve us from mind and body tension. It enhances body and mind power and awakens our dormant potentialities. Meditation bestows spiritual knowledge on us; leads us towards spirituality, teaches us the meaning of life, and helps us to feel the Oneness with the Source.

Motivation: 4 Reminders to Help You Sustain It

It is important to train our minds to align with our goals and dreams. Our actions are guided by the things we say, and the things we say become what our minds believe. So in order to change our choice of actions, we have to shift our mind’s perspective. To do this, we have to teach our minds how to think.

Why Is Duty Important In Our Life?

Each person has duties to perform, but the one who fears the consequences of them shies away from duty. Mistakes are natural and common when we do anything. That doesn’t mean we should… read more.

Which Clock?

I hesitated before I answered the question. It was just a slight hesitation, but the question took me by surprise. Someone asked me how could they work on self-improvement and development on the clock. And while I answered at the time with a few tips, the on the clock part stuck with me and got me thinking.

Why Few Celebrities Get Into Prostitution, Suicides?

Few celebrities of all genres choose the ultimate path of prostitution, while few others choose the path of suicide. There is no specific need to quote examples in this regard. History divulges many incidents. Many people may wonder why people who created a reputation for self should get into such mucky things. Yes, it’s rather a well-founded question indeed! This article deals with why does such a pathetic situation arise!

The Importance Of Nurturing Your Self-Direction

Self-directed learning is closely tied to motivation, goal setting, self-control and other positive characteristics that are highly sought after in the work force. In order achieve success in a corporate climate or become a successful entrepreneur, people must exhibit self-direction. It isn’t that the self-direction is rewarded but rather the results of the self-direction that is highly sought in business.

Have You Adjusted to the New Year?

New years are always met with uncertainties, apprehensions and fear especially if the previous one was not so pleasant. This articles will help you to calm your fears and anxiety and take a more relaxed approach. Take your time to think your way out and work at your own pace. Be thankful for each day and view it as an opportunity to do better than the day before.

Don’t Forget About Youself: Feed Your Motivation

Motivation plays a huge role in your success in anything you attempt. If you want to lose weight, take your workouts to the next level, or get a promotion you must find and feed your motivation. Motivation will help maintain your focus when you hit those bumps in the road that we all hit. You may get sick while training, may spend a couple of weeks at a plateau as you are losing weight or your competition may get the first promotion. Whatever the bump in the road, they will happen. It’s just the way the world works. So what is it that successful people do to continue feeding your motivation. There are several factors that are important to continue your quest for success.

Have You Created Miracles for Your Own Life?

Have you wondered why your fate was too unlucky? Have you been not satisfied with your current life and felt so depressed and frustrated? Have you had a decision of giving up your life with all dreams and desires? If you have pessimistic thoughts like that, please take a minute to think, “Why are you present in this world?”

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