I WILL NOT QUIT – Powerful Motivational Speech

Make This Year Your Year

Certain times of the year can prompt us to review our lives. It may be a new year, an anniversary, a significant birthday that motivates us to pause awhile and reflect on where we are, on what we’ve done with our lives and what we’d like to do next. Let’s consider some ways to make this year your year!

The Power of Hardwork

Never believe in luck, but in hard work. Hard work is the ability of an individual to work more hours than the average person. Most successful people admit that they work up to 16 hours a day. In other words, their success is owed to diligence.

5 Ways to Improve Your Motivation to Exercise

Most of us dread exercise. Life happens. We get carried away and find it hard to meet our fitness goals. This article shares strategies for you to utilise in order to find the motivation to exercise and meet your fitness goals.

Life – Just Like a Game of Ludo

Did I hear you say “Life is dicey”? Living life is like casting dice in a game of Ludo. A die has different faces but you only need one face to start your game; a six (6). Once you start, you can no longer predict the faces you display when you throw; maybe 1,2,3,4 or 5. You just play with whatever you have whether it moves your token to the finish square safely or it drags along, whether it takes you far or slows you down.

To Improve The Quality Of Your Life, Focus On Getting Better

Do you want to improve your life? Are you committed to changing your conditions? Many people will answer yes to these questions, though it is my experience very few people are dedicated to improve their life.

When Your World Comes Crashing Down

Sometimes life hits us between the eyes and delivers an unexpected turn of events. The shock and resultant impact can make us question why it’s happened. Have we been bad, is it karma, do we deserve this? The answer is often a resounding ‘no’. It is what it is, nothing more or less than that. But, nonetheless, we have to deal with it and recover.

Perfection Secret of Buff Skeletons

In 1982, scientists pulled a shipwreck from the sea and swarmed the ancient “body guards” onboard. But these were no ordinary body guards.

What to Do When Overwhelmed by Your Reality?

At times, life feels like an overwhelming affair. There’s too much to do, too much to think, too much to worry about. What can we do to fight that feeling?

Interview With an International Keynote Speaker, Trainer and Influence 100 Authority

This is the transcript to an interview with an International Keynote Speaker, Author, Trainer and Influence 100 Authority. It covers the story behind his success.

Dr. Romance on How to Stretch Time

Dr. Romance writes: Would you like to stretch time – to make the time you have go farther, and use it more for what you really want to do? Stretching time is not difficult if you have the prerequisites: self-awareness, a sense of purpose, thoughtful action, and a playful approach.

Optimism and Thoughtlessness Are Not Synonyms

Optimism is a concept that exists in every culture in the world, a word used by almost every human being, in spite of which, no two people understand it the same way. True optimism is deeply rooted on resourcefulness and hope and can’t be experienced without a solid element of common sense and logic.

How To Be Determined and Accomplish Anything

Being competitive and number one has it’s perks. So, I challenge you to be number one. And if you’re not competitive it’s okay. It’s about being better. Could you do this for yourself?

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