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How To Restore Passion For Your Life

Looking for motivation? You can restore passion for your life! You can start voicing your inner dreams and passions. Here’s how to face down your fears and treat your dreams like tender threads of gold to weave a passionate life for yourself.

Never Give Up Because If You Do What Is Easy, Your Life Will Be Hard

Do you want to live an easy life or a difficult one? I know, it’s a worthless question because who wants to live a life filled with pain and suffering? Yet, this is what many people choose every day, whether they are conscious of it or not.

To Prepare Yourself For A Better Tomorrow, Do All You Can To Be Your Best Today

Do you realise your best is yet to come? How do you feel when you read that statement? Do you think: “My best is behind me”? But what if you don’t know what you’re capable of unless you continue to move forward towards your goals and dreams? Let me give you an example. When Michael Jordan failed making his high school basketball team, do you think his career was over?

Don’t Go Through Life Quitting. Anything Substantial Requires Seeing It Through To The End

Quitting is easy though we rarely achieve anything when we abandon our goals. Knowing that, take a moment to reflect on something you’re contemplating giving up on right now. It may be career related, health or otherwise. Why do you want to give up? Is it the only way? Have you considered other options?

Why The Credit Always Belongs To The Man In The Arena Who Dares Greatly

Sadly, critics are everywhere these days and hide behind their uncertainties wishing they were in the limelight. They are not only people, but the inner critic within us. Sometimes, the critic appears masquerading as a family member, a loved one or a close friend. A snarky remark here and there leaves you bewildered as to their intended message. Can you identify with this narrative of the unassuming critic?

Why The Obstacle Before You Is Never Bigger Than Your Power To Overcome It

The reason you fear obstacles is that you doubt your ability to overcome them. Obstacles are seldom the problem, it is our lack of power to conquer them that gets in the way. For example, have you faced a difficult situation in the past and worried you would not make it through? Recall the circumstances and how you felt as best you can. Now fast forward months from when it occurred and call to mind the same situation from a renewed perspective. Can you see how insignificant it seems from your current outlook? That is, we feel incapable of overcoming challenges instead of believing we will be ok. Perhaps it’s the element of surprise or the fear we are powerless to face the problem that scares us most.

The Wall Of Frustration For One Person Is The Perseverance Factor For Another

Scientifically, perseverance is everything. Talent is a reality, but it does not count as much as perseverance or persistence.

Boredom and Impatience Are Trying to Tell You Something

What if boredom, restlessness, and impatience arise when you are ready to make changes, especially inner changes that ask you to step beyond your current comfort zones? In this article, you’ll learn a two-fold strategy to use moments of boredom, restlessness, and impatience to let go of limiting beliefs that hold you back, so you can step into new possibilities.

Here Are The Advantages of Reading Motivational Quotes

You are probably thinking- ‘how can a few words change the way my life is?’ Before you already make a judgement, read this.

A Stroke Struck and Changed My Family Forever

The dynamics of my close knit family changed forever more when the monster called a “Stroke” reared its ugly head and dealt a fatal blow on my mother. It was an eye opener for her and the family as we saw firsthand the power of independence.

Why Motivational Counselling Has Become Quite Important to Reinforce the Desire to Change Oneself

The issue of motivating someone is a technique that is especially helpful for encouraging the young generation nowadays to adjust themselves to the stages of behavioural change, failures as well as make personal choices in life. It is a kind of client-based therapy that works fast usually in one or two sessions for people who have suffered abuses or problems of addiction, and the therapists offer advice for a healthier life by exploring and resolving one’s insecurities as well as motivating them in a new light.

5 Things That Can Change Your Life

There is no magic wand in this world of harsh reality which can completely transform your life. There are small bits and pieces that one individual has to do in order make this life to be worthy and satisfactory.

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