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5 Ways to Finally Do That Thing You Have Not Done Yet

Yes, this is about that thing you have been putting off. You are doing so many great things and that in itself is marvelous. You look like quite the overachiever from the outside. People wonder out loud how you do so many of the great things you do. Everyone thinks you have it all together. Because they don’t see that thing you have not done yet. But you know better. That thing you have been putting off is there. It’s just sitting there on your list of things to act like you are going to do one day. You may have dutifully transferred it from one task list to another periodically lying to yourself about your commitment to get it done – soon…

How to Stay Motivated and Stay Positive

Staying motivated is no simple task. Constantly we are over-analyzing situations and negative thoughts tend to creep up. Our performance in life is dictated not only by our abilities but our ability to motivate ourselves and not listen to these negative thoughts that keep creeping up.

Get Motivated and Eat Healthy

Good health is a blessing. A lot of people who are trying to shed some extra pounds from their body struggle to stick to a healthy diet. Without a healthy diet one cannot reduce weight. Many people ask me how they can motivate themselves to eat healthy so here is how.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, I am certain that you must have heard this old cliche repeated many time over. “It is not your aptitude, but your attitude, which determines your altitude”. As you can see from this cliche above, which is based on more truth than you think, the attitude, you choose to project to the world; will make a huge difference to the way things will turn out in the future.

Encouraging the Encourager

They are there for us at our lowest ebb. Times when we most need the light of Christ to beckon through the only opened slit in the blinds of the windows of our hearts. When our minds are deranged or confused or just numb, they are there. When our hearts are overwhelmed with feelings we can’t deal with, or are struggling with, they are there. They are the rock we can cling to when we are fatigued, having been strewn out at sea. They tell us not what to do, but simply listen, and find sense for us in all the senselessness. They seek no credit for themselves, because it is for our benefit that they are there. They may be the most selfless people we know.

How Was Your Day Really? 3 Steps That Punch Failure In The Face

There’s a very special moment at the end of the day. All the hustle, bustle, and activity of the day has finally settled. The pitter patter of children’s feet have stopped as they are tucked away safely in their beds. Many of the lights in the house are turned to the off position. The normal glow of devices has gone black. Computers, cell phones, tablets are all in sleep mode recovering from a day of use. As we begin the night time routine of brushing teeth and making our way to bed we hear the voice. Some call it the inner voice. Some call it the conscious. Either way it asks the same question every time. How was your day?

To Be Successful: Learn New Things And Work Smart

You cannot achieve success in this generation by using medieval approach. You sure need to learn new things and work smart. Evidence are bound that those who hit success in our contemporary society are “smart workers.”

Four Meaningful God Designations For Life Purpose

Our purpose, here on Earth, is to support the purpose for which the Son was revealed: to destroy the works of evil. We are God-anointed, God-planted, God-appointed, God-granted:

Getting Rid of the Paper Piles and Seeing the Desk Again – Maybe

I’m great at decluttering. I’ve moved enough to learn that if you don’t love it, you don’t lug it. I practice the motto of interior designers and decorators: Have nothing in your home unless it is beautiful or functional.

Safe Isn’t!

A fight against fear. Too often, this phrase defines and describes our lives. The risk-averse individual is often cautious to the point of paralysis – safe to the point that it harms their own lives – while the person raised to take strategic risks outperforms them and enjoys the spoils, all because of a difference in thinking.

Your Dreams Can Become Real

We all have such a wonderful gift, where we are able to look deep within our hearts and dream about possibility. You can dream about anything, from living a better life, to improving your financial position, about better health and improved relationships. What really makes being human so special is not merely that we can dream about the future in such vivid detail, that feels so real.

How to Avoid Laziness and Get Something Done – 5 Tips For Motivation

Getting started then done is only part of the battle. What you do after you get started and before you get done is the main part of the battle.

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