I WON’T GIVE UP – Motivational Speech

Feeling Stuck? Five Tips To Help You Get Unstuck And Back On Track!

Staying self-motivated is a challenge for many; requiring decisions and action to sustain momentum and when people feel stuck, they feel stressed, frustrated and angry (often at themselves!) because they are not where they want to be in their business or personal life. You might wonder how people can lose steam in moving forward on an idea they were initially enthusiastic and pumped about.

How To Get Your Daily Dose Of Motivation

In the present day scenario when the world is highly competent and everyone is thriving for success many people fall into the trap of depression due to increasing pressure and quest to be the best among the rest. One factor which plays a major role in determining the success of any individual is motivation. Motivation is a positive emotion which drives human beings for achieving their goals and provides them with the necessary drive to achieve what they desire. Now the question arises about how to stay motivated all the time? Read on to discover how.

More Life With a Life List

As the title implies, there are benefits in a life-list. To craft the list, one has to think about life. Your life. About where you have been and how far you have come. One has to come face-to-face with the limitations you have allowed to obstruct your life thus far.

Slipstream to Success

The alive and ever-changing English language has embraced the term “slipstreaming,” as pop expressions intrude on everyday verbal intercourse.

Motivation And Belief

Strange as it seems, millions of us believe we are not in control of our actions and emotions. Whole political systems have been developed, based on this false notion that we can’t decide in our own best interest, so we need politicians to decide for us, with seat belt laws, trans-fat laws, etc. This article isn’t about politics, but about discovering what really motivates our decisions and how to use that to make better decisions… ones we really want. If you’ve ever wondered why you did something or if you suffer from addiction, anxiety, eating disorders or any number of dysfunctions, read on… this article is for you.

Harness Motivation – 7 Steps To Help You Achieve Your Dreams And Keep You Motivated

Don’t be tempted to give up. Take your dreams off the shelf, dust them down and dare to believe that you can. Follow these seven tried and tested steps and turn your dreams into reality.

Finding Courage

Courage often comes as a result of specific actions. Discover what you need to start doing today to generate more courage in your life.

Hidden Subliminal Messages – Create Lasting Change With Subliminal Programming

It happens to us all. We read books and listen to all the motivational talk from top personal development gurus. For the next one week, we are abundant in energy, motivation and enthusiasm, then it die off in an instance.

Wait till Your Dream Comes True?

An English teacher called Brody was tidying up his old stuff at the attic when he came across a stack of old scripts. They were the ‘English composition’ of a class of children he taught 50 years ago. The title was ‘In future, I will be…’

Writing Your Own Therapy Session

If what you are doing does not work, then try something else. If you want something enough you will do everything to get it. And, sometimes just having that attitude is enough to get you what you want.

Does Motivation And Purpose Drive You Out Of Bed Every Morning?

Are you inspired to get out of bed every morning ready to soar way up, full of purpose even when you know about the very serious challenges you face today which seem insurmountable? Or, you woke up this morning feeling downcast and not ready to take on the day ahead of you. Do you feel you have already lost the day’s battle even before you begin to fight?

The Courage Course – Speaking Up for Courage

Become a more courageous person by speaking up and sharing with others your most important thoughts and feelings. Here’s a simple way to become more courageous, today.

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