IF MEN WERE ANGELS | Powerful Motivational Speech

How to Pave Your Way to Success

Have you at last decided what you wanted to do in your life?  Are you sure of yourself?

Living Your Life With the Future in Mind – The Need of the Hour

It should be noted that life without a future ambition is a wasted life. God created every man and woman with expectation. This is what really motivates people to tend to pick up certain projects in life to better their generations.

How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Motivated – Every Little Bit Counts

It takes motivation to do a lot of things. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, it’s what makes us want to do well at work, and it’s what makes us decide to pay tuition for four or more years of college. It’s the driving force behind pretty much everything we do. And without it, nothing will get done on time or even at all.

Motivation Tips On A Bad Day

When you are not feeling 100% use these motivational tips to get moving again. We all have bad days. It is getting through them that is important. Here are some motivational tips.

Staying On Track Tips – Part 1

Do you have the problem of staying with a project or task until it is complete? With so many responsibilities today it can be a daunting task to see a project through to the end. There will be interruptions, phone calls, and other things to do during each project. Friends and coworkers will drop by to chat in the middle of an important job that needs to be completed by a deadline.

I’m Motivated! Now What?

Have you ever found yourself totally motivated? Have you been so excited about something you have done or you were going to do that you were so full of energy?

Staying On Track Tips – Part 2

Whatever track we get on will not lead us to our set goal. However, there are different ways to achieve your goals. Be careful how you plan to get there because it may be a lonesome track to travel on. You need supporters to give encouragement along the way so make sure you have strategically placed them in easy to find places. Make things as convenient as possible to help you to stay on track.

Be A Daily Learner Challenge

I want to personally challenge you to be a daily learner. Everyone has the opportunity to learn but they do not accept it. Staying the way you are may be acceptable for some but should not be for you. Take on this challenge with full intentions to follow through to completion. It will give you a modest sense of pride to move on to the next challenge in your life. Make yourself proud and learn in the process.

5 Tips to Get You Motivated Daily

Motivation is a key factor in the success equation. When you feel down and short of motivation, here are some tips to get you motivation back on stream.

Into the Great Unknown We Go

Out of the wide open spaces that are our lives – endemic in possibility – comes a shortening. What will we do with it? What will we do with this issue, concern or stressor to become a victor over it?

Seven Reasons Why You Must Not Give Up

There are thousands of reasons why an individual may decide to give up. We must however stand strong and reject the temptation to give up in the face of daunting challenges.

Begin Small, But Do Not End Up Small

The little seed that is planted today will eventually grow to become a gigantic tree tomorrow. Whatever idea has been deposited in you must be activated, no matter how small it is.

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