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The Struggle of Self-Motivation

Self-motivation is a constant struggle because our lives are continuously beset by pessimistic thoughts and anxiety about what is to come. Every individual must face doubts or worse, even depression. This is what sets the successful people apart. They know how to keep on struggling even in the face of doubt. Having constant motivation has no sure resolution.

How to Become An Extrovert

I was staring down at a post-it note with a phone number of a potential client on it. My mind was racing about how to start the conversation so that I can get an appointment with him. My palms were sweaty and my breath short. I was thinking to myself, “John, this is the 3rd freakin’ day that you have been staring down that note and have not mustered the courage to pick up the phone and talk!

Why Nobody Ever Teaches About Handling Failures

No one teaches how to survive from failures. All of us are taught only about how to achieve success. Sometimes failure has a lot more to teach us than success.

The Only Limitation to Achieving Our Dreams – Us

Everyone has a dream. Everyone wants to achieve something. It is a human tendency to aspire for more and work towards it. But most of the time, we are held back by our own so called ‘limitation’. The right thing to do is to move ahead fearlessly and hold on to our dreams.

Learn the Difference Between GDP Recession and the Truth About Our Current Economic Crisis

If you’re like me you are more than a little frustrated by the mainstream media parroting how we have been in a state of economic recovery for the past year. Huh? There are very few things that anger me more than manipulation by our media or governments so I started to do some digging. Keep reading and I’ll explain a little about why the GDP recession provides false recovery data.

Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

100 days ago, I started on a journey thinking I knew where it would take me. It turned out to be so much more than I anticipated.

Failure is the Teacher of Success

Many of us could not find time to assess our strengths. We do not have time even to utilize our strengths and apply them in our workplace. If we assess our self with honesty, then we can overcome our weaknesses. You do not have the honesty to agree your weaknesses. You can depend on others to assess your weaknesses. You will always identify some qualities as your strengths and never act on them.

5 Steps To Create Focus In Your Life

Nowadays it seems to be about simplicity all the time. We need to live a more focused life. We need to have less ‘noise’ in our lives. We need to get rid of all the activities and things which lead us away from reaching our goals.

How to Start Off Fresh Each Day

Now imagine you were to bring along the dirty thoughts and stress of yesterday, when you start off the next day? How would that make you feel? At ease or stressed out? As it’s obvious, by bringing along the dirt of yesterday you are muddying your own waters.

Improving Motivation – How to Put an End to Procrastination

For example, many of us spend too much of the day in endless procrastination. We lack motivation, and are wasting valuable time… time which could be put to better use in achieving goals that are important to us and making the most of our true potential.

An Article on Reality Or How to Create Your Own Inner Warmth From the Outer Cold of the World

I can tell you just how life works from my point of view. But, if I told you for you to know, I would be taking away your opportunity to think for yourself and know for yourself in an unkind way. So, I tell you this: What you think, act and generate yourself, creates your reality. It can never be any different in life or otherwise.

Finding the Motivation and Inspiration to Succeed

Motivation and inspiration requires cultivation on a daily basis. Individuals who are actively engaged in self-improvement activities can sometimes become overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that has to be absorbed and processed. This information overload coupled with constant setbacks and lack of progress can lead to frustration and feelings of hopelessness.

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