If You Struggle with Anxiety, These Tricks Could Save Your Life

Lighten Up! – Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously

Learn to laugh at yourself and enjoy life all the more. Everyone is human, we all make mistakes. It may be upsetting but don’t dwell on the bad, everything will be better. Don’t be so serious that you can’t forgive yourself.

How to Motivate Yourself to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Fitness is the key to healthy living. Everyone harbors a secret desire of possessing a great body to match an equally perfect and an active mind. However, sadly many of you lack motivational spirit and power to execute a plan, to put a plan into practice and acquire a fit body.

Do What You Want To Be Doing

There are thousands of things in our lives that people tell us we “should” be doing. But in reality the only thing we should be doing is whatever we want to be doing.

Motivating Students To Learn: 5 Tips To Enhance Their Passion For Learning

Young children always seem to be very curious, always eager to learn and experience new things. But as they grow older and start school, this passion for learning dwindles. Here are 5 ways for motivating students to learn.

How to Stop Worrying About Work and Start Living

What does it mean for you to get up and go to work every morning? What motivates you? Duty?

A Vision for Manifesting Success in This Century of the Brain

Psychology, business models and self-improvement programs have taken us to a place where the velocity of individual and organizational development seems to have slowed down. And, the number and gravity of our individual and world problems have accelerated. We may be hitting our heads on the ceiling of solutions. Practical neuroscience is one of the last frontiers for human development. This Vision for the Century of the Brain is offered to inspire and guide individuals and leaders in all walks of life to think and perform at higher levels not previously believed possible.

How Awakening Naturally Transforms Pain and Struggle Into Healing and Joy

What is Awakening? Awakening creates new solutions and options that positively affects the lives of many others through all you are and do. It breaks longtime patterns of pain and struggle. It destroys old baggage. Are you ready to awaken, embrace your potential and love your life?

When Things Are Really Difficult Is Optimism All You Need?

In your life, you will no doubt face serious challenges that will knock you down. When you are impacted by such an event, friends and relatives will tell you, “Be Positive,” “Think Optimistically.” Is optimism enough? There are books that tell us to just think of what we want and if you think hard enough, it will happen. Many of you will be surprised with what I’m going to say, since I’m often referred to as a “very optimistic” person. The optimism described above DOES NOT WORK! Thinking positive thoughts is a waste of your time and energy. It creates false hope, and hope is not a plan.

What Are Those Things That Stop You in Your Life Called?

How many of you have hit a time in your life where it seems that life has just come to a screeching halt? Or when you take one step forward it seems you also took 10 steps backwards?

Just a Part of Life

There are things we do out of habit and routine that if we didn’t do them we wouldn’t feel right all day. We brush our get out of bed, brush our teeth, eat about three meals a day, etc. and skipping any part of our routine would not seem natural. These habits are just a part of life which we have created by repeating them daily.

How to Turn Your Commitment for Change Into Action

Inspiration is not enough to help make the changes you want. You need a plan. These 8 tips will get you on your way to achieving the goals you set.

Recycling (Do Not Dig In The Trash, Make Your Life Greatness, Not Trash)

Recycling materials is like recycling a life, it is renewal of purposes and resources, that simple and that succinct. Yet, I am going to write a whole article on recycling both things. Because of a reality that has been realized, sure, I still recycle materials. But, I stopped actively digging in trash cans for materials for reasons stated in this motivational article.

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