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Your Vision is Always a Work in Progress

We talk a lot about “vision”, but what is it really? Is it a description of a Promised Land, so tempting but so far away that we have no real chance of reaching it? Or is it cast in stone with no compromise, a Five-Year-Plan with fixed goals and performance objectives?

Your Action is the Key to Getting Things Done

Action is what keeps us moving. Every little thing is a form of action that moves us toward that elusive success that we all strive for.

10.5 Characteristics of Highly Motivated Successful Sales People

Professional Sales is one of the highest paying professions in the country, if you are good at it. If you want to get good at it, you better be somewhere between 8 and 10 (on a 1-10 scale) on every one of the following characteristics.

Intuition 101 – How Everyone From Parents to Entrepreneurs Can Use It

Have you ever had a ‘gut’ feel about something and found out later it was completely accurate? I have become fascinated by our ability to ‘know’ things without any real knowledge about them. Does this ability come from our brain or some way of ‘knowing’ that we don’t yet fully understand? Researchers are working to unravel this mystery.

How Can You Be Active and Stay Active?

We all know that we need to be active and stay active to be successful in business, or even in life. Nothing happens if you do not take any action. At the same time, we have thousands of excuses not to take actions. The author gives you suggestion how to become active and stay active based on what the author actually experienced.

I’ll Get to it Later

Ever put off focusing on a big project by working on small, seemingly meaningless tasks instead? Psychologists who study procrastination note that the practice is prevalent at home and in the workplace. Some estimate that 15 to 20% of adults progress (or regress) to become habitual procrastinators who put off just about everything, again and again.

How to Keep Yourself Highly Motivated

The level of motivation is high as you first decide to incorporate changes to your life, but then as the days pass, the level of motivation begins to fall and once again you are on the brink of sinking into your comfort zone. Ever tried to analyze why it so happens?

Wondrous Ways – One a Day

Everything wondrous is a number of small wonders put together. Your life is the same. It is the small daily actions that create your life. What small wonders can you and WILL you commit to in order to build and live the Wondrous life you deserve?!

Know Your Soul Purpose – Live a Harmonious Life

Each and every one of us has a soul purpose that we have to fulfill. Although the question we ask is what could our soul purpose be?

Be a Brain Scientist

Our patterns of thought are simply habits, but they are grounded in rich neural circuitry. Like deer in the woods, our thoughts form paths that will most likely be retread unless we consciously set out to find a new way. The first step to that new way is to be aware that thoughts can either be unconscious or conscious.

Best Motivational Techniques

There are many motivational techniques available but you have to find the right one that suits best for your personality. Keep reading this article to learn different motivation tips to keep you going all day long.

Find Your Motivation and Become Unstoppable

Why is it that writing down your goals does not always work for some people? Other people can write a few goals, set a deadline, and boom-they have accomplished everything on their goal list. These people are continuously focused and motivated and get exactly what they want. Sometimes life is just not fair!

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