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Smart Women in a Wild Wacky World

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, I hesitated to write this article. However, I felt called to share my reflections with you. There has been so much despair and devastation in the world lately that when something happens to us personally, we can try to shrug it off because compared to what’s going on in the world, this is minor.

Seeking Your Soulmate Is a Waste of Time

Are you looking for the ONE? Stop waiting. You are the one. There are hundreds of books out there claiming to teach you how to ATTRACT your soulmate, not to mention a zillion techniques.

Good Health – What God Has In Mind In Creating Man

The Holy Scriptures is replete with people whose health evidently exhibited some uniqueness; among whom are Abraham, Moses, Job, and Anna. The will of God is that His covenant people should always be in health and for that reason the Lord Jesus died. And when the Lord visits His people, good health shall be the testimony of the generality of the assembly. However, some factors are militating against this truth of God.

How To Become An Expert In Your Chosen Field?

Are you an expert? If not, will you like to become one? Who won’t? But the question is: Is it possible for anyone to become an expert and if so, how?

The Power of “One Banana!”

The sight was truly amazing. The children were jumping for joy. Singing, shouting and dancing, as they ate the bananas. It was as though they had won the lottery! Tears began to stream down my client’s face and he began to sob uncontrollably, as he witnessed the profound impact his simple gift had on these people, even if only for a brief moment. The impact of one banana on a child. The impact of one banana to give hope, and bring joy. It may have only been only one banana and yet it was powerful to see how it impacted each of these people. My client sobbed, as he imagined the impact he could truly have with the resources already in his life to make a difference.

The 7 Keys to Staying Strong and Surfing the Waves of Crisis

First, take a step back from the current situation and create some space for yourself. When you are so entangled in fear, it is easy to be in reaction to the situation. Then the chances are you won’t see what is happening clearly. If you act from fear, you tend to create more suffering and things to be afraid of in your life. You cannot fix the problem using the same level of thinking that has got you in the challenging situation in the first place. So, stop. Breathe. Step back. Observe. Get some perspective. Reevaluate.

Where Are You Now?

I am always amazed by the number of entrepreneurs who tell me that they’re in deep trouble and need a cure for bottom line depression. This used to be the exception. Today it’s the norm.

How To Overcome Boredom?

How often do you get bored? Perhaps, the question should be reframed to read, ‘how often during a day do you get bored?’ The fact is many people get bored very often and they are clueless as to how to overcome their boredom. In fact a vast majority of them don’t even think of overcoming boredom. They get used to live with it.

I Wrote These Thoughts On Purpose For You

The pursuit of one’s purpose in life is not groping, neither is it fruitless searching. If you discover what your purpose in life is and you doggedly beseech it; if you go after it with all your temerity and tenacity and you emerge out of it without fruit or a result, then I strongly doubt that it was purpose that you pursued. Sometimes the reason why you may not benefit from anything is because you do not have an expectation of a likely positive outcome; therefore, you do not receive the rewards. Your expectation determines what you receive. I am now aware that life is about exchange. When you exchange the confusion and chaos that has terrorized and characterized your life for order and intentional pursuit, you will receive goodness and walk in fulfillment. There are nuggets, in fact results of purpose that I would like to share with you, only six of them.

Questioning Limitations Towards Weight Loss

While many of us try diet and fitness plans with differing levels of eagerness-most of us fail in our endeavor, as we do not stick with the diet plan for long. You’ve heard the saying ‘The Mind Works In Mysterious Ways’… and at times it seems difficult to get control over it.

How To Develop A Successful Personality

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. (Bill Cosby US comedian and actor). Everything you do or fail to do counts often in ways we can never foresee. Whether you realise it or not when you make a choice you also accept the consequence of that choice. Once you learn to take responsibility for your life, you will act differently and make different choices with your life. You will not act out of frustration, regret, envy and other negative emotions. It is through this acceptance of responsibility that many doors will open in front of you and you will be guided along the right path to success.

When You Feel No Motivation to Do Anything

Do something! Always think of ways you can further your life without matter to what it is. Read a book, think of any idea that is good. Do anything!

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