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Motivation – 10 Tips On Self Motivation

Motivation is not automatic. You have to have things that drive you. Your ability, skill or whatever you do is a vehicle and motivation is the driver that will take you to another place.

Motivation – 10 Ways To Motivate Your People

Whilst the title infers that this article is intended for people in leadership only, I believe anyone who works with other people needs to know how to motivate others in order to get results. I share some observations on the kind of things that will motivate people to do better. For those in leadership, you must practice what you preach and others would want to be just like you.

Motivation Techniques – 5 Red Hot Strategies For Pushing Past Your Barriers to Success

In times of economic strife such as we’re experiencing right now, people become so used to struggling and not having enough money that they often put up their own barriers to success. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. Read on to learn five great motivation techniques that can help you attract wealth, even during an economic recession.

Pay No Attention To “Free Advice”

When you get inspired to take on something tough, you’re bound to get free advice that you can’t make it work. Generally, you should thank the advisor but ignore the advice. If everyone who’d ever been advised against a risky venture had heeded the free advice, nothing great would ever have been accomplished by the human race.

How to Counter Fear of Being in Front of an Audience

Talks on tips to counter fear of being in front of an audience based on the experiences of the author. Also give insights on how one deals with the problem of delivering a piece…

I’m Scared

I love the emails, cards, and phone calls from so many of you saying that you want to be fearless. You want to share your story, build the business, leave your spouse, buy the house, or leave the job. But, you’re scared. I am too. Read on to discover how I overcome my fear.

How Edwin Barnes Whooped Failure and Became the Superstar Partner of Thomas Edison

Edwin Barnes is the best kept secret of “Think and Grow Rich”. Learn how he whooped failure.

Why We Must Live Uniquely As a Distinguished Personality

Originality is what speaks of the true nature of something or somebody by transforming into an ideal discernment and creativity; it is an installment plane to which we pay our daily commitments to. Conformity is the denial of originality, it robs one of the ultimate source of aspirations and inspirations to focus and purpose, our visions is the blueprint of what we are, do not suppress so you don’t get distressed when depressed with pressure and tension towards becoming yourself. Knowing yourself fully well in the realm of self discovery is one thing that is very difficult to achieve…

Destroy Procrastination Once And For All

Why do we all battle this four letter foe? The answer is quite simple, as well as the solution…we don’t want to work, we wanna play.

3 Characteristics Which Make Ted Turner Mega-Successful

Ted Turner went through hell before hitting it big. Check out what made him successful.

The Real Enemy

I was discussing with a friend the other day and he was telling me about a challenge he was having. Then with a very long face he suddenly asserted I don’t think I will be able to carry out this project, I don’t have money. I turned to him in surprise and quickly demanded he take the statement back, but he laughed and told me to forget it. Or maybe you have a friend having women problems who always says, ”a girl like that would never be interested in me!”. How many times have you had an eureka idea and you thought to yourself, ”no one would be interested”. Why do we do this to our self?, why do we admit defeat before the battle line is drawn?

Maximum Efficiency, Minimum Effort

The motto, “Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Effort” are words worth pondering. Have you every heard those words before? Do you know who actually said them first?

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