If You’re Different: BE DIFFERENT | Best Motivational Speech 2021

What Kind of “Busy” Are You?

How do you regulate your time, emotional output and energy when it comes to your job, personal relationship and yourself? Are you internally motivated or use others to determine your direction? Take a look at how this article can steer you in a re-energizing direction!

Love and Embrace the Real You

It’s time to take a good critical look at oneself instead of being envious of other people, your neighbors, your friends, and or family members, and their perceived attributes and accomplishments. It’s essential to start at home with taking inventory to realize your full potential and value.

6 Steps to Making Tough Decisions Easier

Decision making is a part life. There are choices to be made in our personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

Motivation For Your Transformation

I was once at an extremely difficult time in my life, and I felt like there was little I could do. I was sick of who I was, but I was determined to change.

Taking Action

What are the steps for taking action in life? And more importantly where do you begin?

The Theory of Motivation

The most powerful motivating factor in life is the miracle you create yourself through your own efforts working. That is my ultimate theory and reality of motivation. I will explain fully.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves and Live By

Why do we think and act the way we do? I have wondered about this since my adolescence. This question led me to a career as a psychologist. At times I thought I had an answer and at other times was inclined to believe that there was little rational explanation for most of our behavior.

Carpe Diem Quotes Motivate

“Dead Poets Society” is one of my all-time favorite movies. The film was nominated for several awards (taking the Academy Award for best original screenplay), it was a critically acclaimed success, and it has grossed nearly $250,000,000.

Jump Starters – What Are They, Why Use Them

Know how to create alternate perspectives of whatever negative circumstance you desire to overcome. Use jump starters to develop the proper frame of mind and turn a disadvantage into an advantage.

Five Quotes To Live By

He was Time magazine’s Man of the Year in 1930, and is one of the top political figures of all time. But Mohandas Gandhi is best known for being one of the first to promote nonviolence to achieve major change.

Get Up And Move

You have sat on the rocking chair for so long, its time to get up and make things happen. You will never know you have it, until you take that step. Many had struck gold simply by not giving up in the wilderness of disappointment. The jabs they’d received turned out to be the raw material for their coronation. Break your dependence off men for the ‘arms of flesh will fail.’ Sometimes, disappointments are God’s messengers for our next level. When we pray sometimes and ask the Lord to take away our disappointments, He smiles and mutter, “only if he knew that this disappointment is my divine appointment in disguise, he will thank me.”

Self-Help Vs God-Help

Having been a self-help advocate and teacher for many years I have recently come across a number of articles and books that have challenged this theory and label of material, ideas and inspiration designed to help us prosper and find success, peace and happiness. Let me be clear I am not against personal growth as long as its motives are grounded in gaining skills, attitudes and mindsets that help us travel through life with compassion, wisdom, understanding and joy but of late considering I have read over 2000 self-help books during my life and written a few,…

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