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Power of Obduracy

All the negative forces in the universe are not for devastation or destruction. There are certain expression that always imply negative meanings, yet if handled with care by understanding their strength, these expressions could be used positively.

5 Motivational Phrases That Are Frauds

Motivational phrases can be deceiving if you are not careful. Use them to your best advantage or to your unfortunate disadvantage. Read more.

Believe in Yourself – Catch the “I Can Do Anything” Attitude

This is called “a bad attitude” and the only way to fix it is with an attitude adjustment. Forget the positive thinking thing. It may work for some people, but not for everyone.

Midlife and New Life

A man in his mid-forties, having perpetually turned his energies toward career and fatherhood, now finds a yearning to fulfill his life dreams. Midlife is akin to a second adolescence. Suddenly you assess your life’s value…

When Life Knocks You Down

There are too many challenges in our life and when negatives overcome us we need something to hang on to. A little bit of positive thoughts can be like a light in the dark tunnel. Some points discussed can be that light in our life when life knocks us down.

The Two Words You Should Always Remember to Never Say Are “Always” and “Never”

I am so tired of self contradictory double talk jargon thrown at me from all these “experts” that tell me that I fear success, I fear failure, anyone can succeed, not everyone is made for success. Why can’t someone just read a chart and tell me if it’s in me or not. Let me go about my business with the knowledge that I should shoot for it or not.

What to Do? Too Many Ideas in My Head

Ideas in your head are meaningless. Ideas on paper start to become meaningful.

Moving Past Fear Together With Overcoming Anxiety

Your initial step in conquering anxiety is to make sure you have your goals written down-or at the least, entered in a PDA to quickly retrieve them and view them frequently. If you possibly could see your goals as well as the small actions you are going to take to achieve them (and have a check-mark method to chart your development), pull it out and review it when you start to feel anxious.

What Was I Thinking?

When I was forty I was a DJ in Virginia’s second largest country night club, drinking tequila and chasing it with Pabst Blue Ribbon. And I lived to tell it.

Ask This Question to Stop Procrastinating

How do I want to feel tomorrow? Or next week? Or next month?

How to Motivate Yourself in 9 Easy Ways

Lost your drive? Feeling uninspired? Don’t get too comfortable lying down. Get on your feet and motivate yourself in 9 easy ways.

Commitment, Your Word is Your Bond

There are very few things a person has control over. We attempt to live our lives righteously, use our time wisely, improve our health and hold our tongue, but circumstances often change our intentions. We plan to accomplish tasks, which are good, and honorable yet they are often hindered.

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